Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome Back

My blog is like a string of a sweater that keeps getting stuck and pulled.  I keep wanting to come back, but I'm not sure how.  Has it been too long since I posted on here?  Is it too late to come back?

My blog is also like those see-through strings that are supposed to help you hang up your shirts, but instead they just fall out my collar so everyone can see them.  Things happen in life that make me think 'I should be blogging this'.  People remind me of situations, ideas to write about, the love of blogging that I just seemed to lose over the last few years.

I changed the name of my blog.  
I changed the layout.
I'm working on making it my new favorite place to be.
I'm coming back, and I want to make it work!

A few updates:

I spent the summer working in New Orleans and missing my family so very much.  Why, you ask?  Because I'm too nice ... maybe ... I work in a coal testing lab, and the lab supervisor down in St. Rose had to have heart surgery so they needed someone to help out for a few months.  I thought it could be the 'fast track to management', but really it just reminded me how much I enjoy where we are now.  Oh, and I got a pay raise out of it too.  

 I spent every other weekend flying home --

to get to see my family!

Leah turned 5!

No joke, her party was on the only cold weekend of not only August, but the whole summer.  I'm not sure the kids noticed how cold and wet is was outside though...

School started!  Leah started in kindergarten and Audrey started 'older two's' MDO:

That's a quick recap of a few things that happened this summer, all from one folder uploaded from my iPhone.  Glad to be back and sharing my life on here.