Sunday, February 27, 2011

Heart No faces

This week's theme for I heart Faces is everything but faces.
Lost Shoe
somehow we lost a shoe while sliding down the slide ... didn't stop her for long

Sunday Pictures

Capture the Sky
Capture the sky
Ever look up and wonder what it would be like to sit on a cloud?

Peas in a Basket


ugh ... rising gas prices


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 8

week 8a
day 49.  I left my camera at home (gasp ... I know ...), so I borrowed my sister's camera while we were out at the outlet shops.  I have this super cute shot of the girls sitting on the rocks together, but I'm still waiting to get the pictures from her.  Hopefully I get them before the year is over :-)
day 50.  I just love these pink wispy clouds during the sunset
day 51.  We call this face the Audrey face
day 52.  I took Leah to my Mom's (a pe school teacher) Jump Rope for Heart family day.
day 53.  I swear when one child does something the other is right there to copy or join in the fun, like 'sleeping' in a clothes basket.
day 54.  Could it be?  a sign of spring?
day 55.  This weekend I'm ringing in a handbell festival.  I love playing handbells and have played off and on since I was around 10.

and just because it's cute; here's a video from Sunday of Audrey trying to sit and Leah's lap and just them playing together.  it makes me smile

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Games for Free

It was a Friday night, and Sara was actually enjoying being alone.  For the first time in months she could relax on the couch without being annoyed by him and his games.

Instinctively her eyes shot to the pile of discarded video games piled next to the Playstation.  When she had kicked him out it was just with the clothes on his back, and he had yet to grow the balls to come pick up the games he stored at her house.

Sara smirked, which turned into a grin, morphed into a giggle and ended up as a full out laugh.  She was so going to get him back for all those nights being tortured by those games.  She wanted to go out, spend time with friends, make memories and enjoy life, but all he wanted to do was sit his butt in that curved spot on the couch and play those damn games.  Hell, the other night she stripped for him standing right in front of the television only to be asked to scoot out of the way before his quarterback was sacked.  That was the only guy that got sacked that night.

Those games hadn’t existed when they first started dating.  It was all about her.  He doted over her and treated her like royalty, but now the only royalty was the queen on the damned story line game so dark and twisted it scared her just to watch it.

Well, tonight was the night she would make a move of her own.  Grabbing her laptop, Sara quickly logged on to Craigslist and just started typing.

Gamers perfect night for Free

Playstation for free.
Playstation games for free.
They won’t cost much; just your social life and female attention.

Have you always wanted to be that cool jock that all the girls all falling over except that you have no athletic ability at all?  I have a football, basketball, baseball and hockey game all for you jock fantasies.  They come complete with scantily-dressed cheerleaders and fake bouncy boobs.

Do you want to live in a fantasy or science-fiction world?  Chase down witches and fight off dragons in order to save the princess?  Well, I’ve got a game for that too.  Just make sure you enjoy the appreciation from the princess waiting in the bed, because I can guarantee there will not be a real one waiting in your bed that night.

Want to make a perfect life?  I have that game for you too.  I’ll even throw in a bottle of lotion because I’m sure you’ll need it after seeing the fake variations of perverted guy’s visions of females.

So, if you want to give up interaction with people who breathe, touch and feel; then come right on over and take these games from me.  Because there is now way in hell I’m giving them back to my ex.

This attempt at humor writing comes from The Red Dress Club prompt:  Write a humorous Craigslist ad for selling something after a break-up.  I agree ... it's harder to be funny than serious and twisted.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Look at those curls

I have always wanted to have curly hair.

When I was a young child I dutifully wrapped my thin, straight hair up in curlers.  I used heated curlers while eating breakfast, soft curlers that stayed in my hair overnight, hairspray to keep the curl in; only to have my adorable ringlets fall flat before I could reach the car door.

In high school, I begged my mom for a perm or a wave so I could have finally have my curly hair, only to have the hairdresser tell me that my hair was thin to hold a perm.

So I have accepted that I will always have my straight, thin, often frizzy hair.

but ... look what made an apperance at our house the other day ...
curls 1


curls 2
curls 3
curls 4

She defiantely got these from my husband, not me.  (poor Leah has exactly my hair)  I can't wait to finally play with curly hair!

curls 5

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cell Phone Happy

I heart faces theme this week is cell phone pictures.
This is taken from Andrew's cell phone and edited by me.
We are waiting to see baby cousin Lily at the hospital.
I love this shot because Leah looks so happy and so small against the big chair.

I didn't burn the beer -- Menu Plan Monday

I am a horrible cook.  I make no qualms about it.  I accept that I'm not too domestic and cooking does not come easy for me, but I am trying.  and when you try, sometimes you fail too.

You know those stories couples tell of the wife making horrible and burnt dinners, but the husband smiles and eats them anyway?  Yeah, not my husband.  My husband is a wonderful cook, and a critic.  But what I love most is that he is standing behind me while I try to catch up to him.

Last week I wanted to make some pan-fried fish.  The recipe called to heat up vegetable oil somewhere in the 300 degree region.  I clicked on the burner, heated up the pan, added the oil only to be shocked by popping grease and a cloud of smoke.  My heart started racing, but the smoke quickly calmed down.  I went about preparing the fish only to notice more smoke, and the pan seemed to be changing colors.  Now I started freaking because I was using a pan I had no business touching, one of my husband's fancy pans.  By the time I crossed the kitchen, the smoke reached the fire alarm and it started beeping.  I just wanted to wash the oil away, so in my naive cooking mind, I thought it a good idea to run water on the pan.  The smoke was so thick for a moment I couldn't see out of it. The fire alarm in the kitchen was beeping.  The fire alarm in the hallway was beeping at a slightly higher pitch.  The baby was crying and the toddler was yelling my name.  I ran around attempting to open windows, but only succeeding with one, turning on one fan and opening the door.

Needless to say, I've kinda stayed out of the kitchen since then.

Every time I go to make dinner, Leah asks me not to make the loud beep-y things go off.

I called Andrew bawling, but he was so sweet.  He encouraged me to keep trying and that everything was alright.  Maybe it was because I didn't burn the beer.

Well, that was a long way to say this week I'm going to try to get back into the kitchen and hopefully not make the beepy things go off again.

Our menu this week features the site Ginny's Skinny Recipies.  Amazing site to check out!

Monday – bbq chicken, white rice with veggies and oven roasted potatoes
Tuesday – hot dogs and French fries (Christy eating at Bunco)
Wednesday Baked Potato Soup (spaghetti o’s for girls) and garlic biscuits
ThursdayChicken Divan, lightened up casserole 
Friday – I will be out so dinner is on Andrew
SaturdayShrimp Fajitas

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 7

week 7a
starting at top left and going across then down

Day 43:  Absolutely beautiful day so we had a picnic lunch at the local gardens with bubbles
Day 44:  Pulled into the driveway after church and lunch with my parents to two sleeping babies
Day 45:  Valentine's Day.  Our wedding rings on our heart table cloth.
Day 46:  Beautiful sunrise.  I don't usually see sunrises, lol.  this shot is sooc
Day 47:  Grass growing out of a brick in the yard at work
Day 48:  Baby Lily getting her first bath.
Day 49:  Audrey's diaper bum

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Trees and Babies

what a week


Have you heard about the trees at Toomer's Corner?

Have you even heard of Toomer's Corner?  It's one of the best traditions in college football (the best if you ask me).  After every win the students at Auburn University would go roll toomer's corner with toilet paper.  The tradition has been around since Auburn was introduced as Alabama Polytech Institute.  Originally students just rolled everything on the corner.  In the late 1800's two oak trees were planted on the corner and became the main target for flying toilet paper.

Rolling Toomer's is fun!  I remember after the Alabama victory in 2004 the band ran with the fans from the stadium up to Toomer's Corner. We played an impromptu pep rally right there by the tree with thousands of Auburn fans throwing rolls of toilet paper into the two live oak trees.  Kids shrieked with delight as their roll flew up to the branches and mixed with the growing white paper in the trees. They ran after that special roll as others stood guard to grab the next falling roll.  Parents smiled and watched children while remembering the days they rolled Toomer's. Students full of pride added to the rollings with cheers heard a mile away.

Tommer's Corner is a very special place.

And now, our precious trees are dying because a crazed Alabama fan poisned them.  I know this guy does not represent Alabama fans.  He's not even an alumni, just a deranged fan who in his warped mind thought that killing the trees would get him fame and support with the Alabama fan base.

Yesterday in the hospital at Tuscaloosa a stranger took the time to personally apologize to me about the trees being poisned.  No, this man is nothing like most Alabama fans.

But still, I am saddened that this act has occured.  I know they will replace the trees and the tradition will live on.  I know we are stronger as a family than one crazed fan.  But still ...

My Papa graduated from Auburn and rolled those trees.
My great-Aunt and Uncle graduated from Auburn and rolled those trees.
My parents graduated from Auburn and rolled those trees.
My husband and I graduated from Auburn and rolled those trees.
How I would have loved to see my kids continue the pattern.

The tradition will stay strong and I hope that lunatic rots in jail.

this is after the National Championship celebration at Auburn


Well, where there is death there is also life; beautiful squishy baby life.

My neice was born yesterday morning; Liliana Mable K.  Oh, she is just the cutest baby ever.  We held her and loved on her and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  And she just sat there and soaked in all the love offered to her.

from Andrew's phone = I look crappy ...

Leah loved baby Lily.  Audrey screamed bloody murder that her Mommy was holding a new baby.  Daddy smoked a cigar with his younger brother.  Mommy left with baby fever.  It didn't help that Lily was a perfect baby.  She never cried and she even sang to me when I held her. Love.

Yup, I have a case of the baby fever.  Andrew being the sweet and wonderful husband he is approached it in the best way; he made a timeline for when we can have a new baby.  So, I just have to wait until Leah is in kindergarden (a year and a half) or one of us gets a promotion.

So until one of those two happens I'll just have to live vicaoursly through my sister-in-law .. and my sitter ... and my friend ... and my other friend ... and my best friend's wife ... that's alot of baby fever coming in the next year and a half!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where's Audrey?

Where's Audrey?

there she is!

Where's Audrey?

there she is!

Where's Leah?
there she is!

I can't believe two days after it snowed the weather was so amazing!  We headed out to a local gardens on Saturday to enjoy the day, eat a picnic lunch and blow lots of bubbles.  This weather just reminds me how much I can not wait for spring to come and stay!


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First Kiss

He rose first.  I lightly grasped his hand as he pulled me up from the couch.  It seemed like I floated into his arms.

Behind us the credits of the movie scrolled down the screen accompanied by a romantic song creating a perfect setting.  His eyes peered down at me as I raised my chin ever so slightly to gaze into them.

The popular movie just ending featured a matchmaker finding love for others and eventually him.  A scene played collectively in our minds.  The matchmaker is coaching his friend on how to get the perfect kiss; ‘You come 90% and let her come the last 10%.’

The air hung with tension as he wrapped his arms around my back.  I felt a slight pressure, a little push that melted our two bodies into one.

Many dates had passed, but never a kiss.

My heart beat faster as my hands encircled his around his back.  Time slowed as he tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

He lifted my face gingerly to the perfect angle.  His eyes closed.  My eyes closed.  My body seemed weightless as I lifted up slightly to my toes.  His lips found mine and closed upon them.

Time seemed to stop.  My heart rose and my breath caught.  My hand slid up his back, his wrapped around my neck.  Together we pulled ourselves together. 

Time sped back up and reality came back.  My heart raced still and my breath came out in short supply.  We smiled which quickly turned into a giggle as we commented on the scene from the movie.

The television screen was blank as we hugged once more.  I looked up to the see his happy smile and I knew then that this was the man I would marry.

This was an exercise in memoir writing brought to you by The Red Dress Club's prompt after you died your child will be able to see a 5 minute period of you life through your eyes.  I chose our first kiss because I always want my girls to know just how much I love Andrew.

I am not impressed with this myself.  I want to describe more.  I want to make it more so that you feel you are there.  What I heard, what I smell, what I see, it always feels like I'm dragging it along, but maybe that's how memoir writing seems?  I feel like I wrote above in short choppy sentences, but I am also my worst critic.  Please provide constructive criticism, every little bit helps!

Monday, February 14, 2011

the little things

I can't really think of a specific Valentine's Day that completely stands out in my mind.

Oh, I'm sure there were flowers, and wine, nice dinners, and chocolate, lots of chocolate, but nothing spectacular that stands above the others.

Andrew, I'm not saying that as a bad thing to you ...

It's the little things, the small surprises that really stand out to me.

The tuna steak dinner Andrew cooked as our first dinner in our first apartment as a married couple.
The camera Andrew brought home on a weekday last year that has spurned a life long hobby.
The chocolate Andrew surprised me with last week because I swiffered the floor.

Those are the dinners, presents and chocolates that mean the most to me.

So, it's ok that mother nature decided this morning that she hates me ... ?
right ... ?

Sorry baby.  I love you even if Mother Nature doesn't


Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life

Saturday, February 12, 2011

365 -- Week 6

Day 36.
Audrey loves to walk around the house with Daddy's hat on backwards.  I heard someone call into the local sports radio station and say that people who wear their hat backwards are thugs ... so I guess my baby's a thug :-p

Day 37.
Tank the cat.  I want to make this picture into a Valentine greeting for Kitty Paw ... maybe ... any suggestions?

Day 38.
I took a different way to work on Monday to avoid a traffic jam.  It took me through downtown Birmingham. I love the old looking parts of downtown.

Day 39.
Look at that ... Audrey is only 14 months old and already stealing from my purse.  Caught you red handed baby.

Day 40.
Do you ever just take pictures from where your sitting?  I do.  This is sooc.

Day 41.
Snow!  We played in the snow before work.
Simply Snow

Day 42.
We went with my parents to get the girls shoes, then played at a toy store and finally pizza.  This is from the toy store.

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Friday, February 11, 2011


I could never have imagined I would mess up a good relationship this badly.  I sat at my kitchen table wondering how I could have allowed my life to get to this point.

The choices in the past were all my own.  No matter how much part of me wanted to scream out excuses, I had to own my decisions.  ‘No it’s not your fault,’ was always how the rationalization started.  I could blame my choice on something my boyfriend had done, the feeling of being trapped, wanting change and maybe even because the day was cloudy.  Anything as long as it wasn’t my fault.

I was in a good relationship.  We had our ups and our downs; our hurt feelings and broken trust, but I messed it up worse than his mistakes.  I branched out with my emotions in the equivalent of thinking with my penis, if I had a penis.

No matter how hard I focused on the past, I could not change the present.  Sitting in the chair moved to my college apartment from my childhood home, I wondered what to do next.  Could I just wish for a time machine so I could fix the past?

My fingers found the stem of my wine glass, and I gulped down the last remaining drops.  I heaved myself out of the chair with the feeling of the weight on my shoulders pressing me back down.  I fingered the Arbor Mist bottle in the fridge and considered just losing another night to alcohol as opposed to acting on the choice I made.

My empty hand inadvertently rubbed my stomach as I chugged another glass of wine.  ‘I’m sorry baby’, I pleaded to the invader in my stomach, ‘it will be better when we are drunk.  It will be better when this is over.’

The night faded away into a sunny morning.  I hated the irony of the sun.  He waited down the stairs in my car to drive me to the clinic.  I trudged down the stairs vaguely aware that this decision, this choice was changing two lives instead of just one.

We drove through the sun few words spoken more than small talk.  As we pulled into the parking space, the doors to the clinic looming behind me, he turned to speak.

“I won’t let you do this.”

“It’s not your choice to make,” I spat back at him.

“I won’t come in.”

“You’re ruining my life,” I yelled at him.  I beat him with my words.  I wanted so badly for him to just shut up and tell me I was right.  I needed him to validate my selfish choice, my want to just fix this problem inside me.

Instead, he took my hands and looked deep into my eyes.  “We can do this together.”

It became clear he wasn’t giving up.  He wasn’t going to allow me to make the quick fix.

“No,” I violently shook my head causing the car to spin.  “No, I can’t.  I don’t want to.  I can’t be a mom.”

“Yes you can.”  He stared at me.  He comforted me.  This boy that I threw to the curb, stepped on and ripped out his heart still treated me with kindness.  It was then that I realized my time machine was sitting in the car next to me.  I could make up for those wrong choices and bad decisions.

I sighed and took his outstretched hands.

“Ok, as long as we do it together.”

As the clinic’s doors faded in the rearview mirror, it was then the whole world shifted.

The above story was written for Red Writing Hood prompt start with I could never have imagined and end with the the whole world shifted and keep it under 600 words.  The above story is not fiction like I usually write, and I found it harder to write when I wasn't making it up.  There was so much that I wanted to fit into 600 words.  Constructive critiscm is always welcome!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It Snowed in the South (again)

My Mom blames us for all this snow in Alabama.  She says when we moved from Nashville this fall we brought all the snow down with us.  That's cool because I like snow.  I pretty much like all weather (in moderation).

This morning the snow was to be a quick one.  The roads were still open and the sun was coming to melt the sun away.  Instead of rushing to work like always, I took a few minutes, got Leah dressed, and took her into the backyard to play in the snow.  We lasted ten minutes which may have been half the time it took to get her dressed, but it was fun.

and cold.  Cold is the theme of You Capture this week:

snow morning

I saved my favorite picture for last.  I love the way this photo turned out.  I'm also entering this photo into the Thrive Project.  This week the theme is Simplicity.  I think this photo relates to Simplicity.  The background is not distracting and my eye is drawn straight to Leah.  Oh, and I love the face she is making!

Simply Snow

As much as I enjoy playing in snow, I am looking forward to temps in the 50's and 60's this weekend!