Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 8

week 8a
day 49.  I left my camera at home (gasp ... I know ...), so I borrowed my sister's camera while we were out at the outlet shops.  I have this super cute shot of the girls sitting on the rocks together, but I'm still waiting to get the pictures from her.  Hopefully I get them before the year is over :-)
day 50.  I just love these pink wispy clouds during the sunset
day 51.  We call this face the Audrey face
day 52.  I took Leah to my Mom's (a pe school teacher) Jump Rope for Heart family day.
day 53.  I swear when one child does something the other is right there to copy or join in the fun, like 'sleeping' in a clothes basket.
day 54.  Could it be?  a sign of spring?
day 55.  This weekend I'm ringing in a handbell festival.  I love playing handbells and have played off and on since I was around 10.

and just because it's cute; here's a video from Sunday of Audrey trying to sit and Leah's lap and just them playing together.  it makes me smile

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  1. Great collage and that video is just the cutest! I bet there aren't many dull moments at your house!

  2. Wonderful photos. Very cute photos! Thanks for linking up.

  3. LOVE that sunset shot! ... and the laundry basic picture is classic... we have several of those too :)

  4. Have fun at your festival. It sounds GREAT!! :D I enjoyed your week of photos.

  5. The clothes basket is one of the best toys. It can be a boat, a cage, so many things...

  6. Great collage. I love the pink clouds.

  7. HAHA... I love the "audrey face" so sticking cute!

  8. Visiting from Naptime Momtog...

    The Audrey face is TOO CUTE!!! :)


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