Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 5 Pics

week 5s

starting at top left corner and working towards the right ...
Day 30. It was 70 degrees!!!!  We went to the playground, and I love this shot of Leah pushing Audrey in the swing.
Day 31: Leah wondering which toy to play with now.
Day 32: The girls pulled out blankets and pillows to make a bed on the floor.
Day 33:  Daddy teaching Leah to read and spell.
Day 34: A beautiful sunset
Day 35:  Everyone else in the country got snow ... we got a teeny tiny dusting (but I'm not complaining).  This is a picture of the concourse at UAB.
Day 36:  The cutest picture of Leah and Audrey hugging!  I guess this week kinda turned into sibling week.

--oh and the band-aid on Leah's head is to cover a scratch that she just would not stop picking at!

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  1. These are so wonderful. I love the last one. Too cute!

  2. love the sunset picture. and it's always fun to see sibling love

  3. Great pictures. I love the band aid.

  4. Such sweet sibling shots :) Nothing better then sibling love!

  5. Love the sunset and the one of your girls hugging! How sweet they are!

  6. Love the swinging photo! Great week of photos.

  7. Love when big siblings push younger siblings... so sweet! The sunset shot is beautiful. AND... no snow here... only some rain. =\

  8. I love when the week has a "theme" - mine tend to do that too. That hugging pic is way too cute! xo

  9. we didn't get snow on the west coast of Wa!! just sayin... not even a dusting... ;)

    love the snow and sunset pics!!


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