Saturday, February 12, 2011

365 -- Week 6

Day 36.
Audrey loves to walk around the house with Daddy's hat on backwards.  I heard someone call into the local sports radio station and say that people who wear their hat backwards are thugs ... so I guess my baby's a thug :-p

Day 37.
Tank the cat.  I want to make this picture into a Valentine greeting for Kitty Paw ... maybe ... any suggestions?

Day 38.
I took a different way to work on Monday to avoid a traffic jam.  It took me through downtown Birmingham. I love the old looking parts of downtown.

Day 39.
Look at that ... Audrey is only 14 months old and already stealing from my purse.  Caught you red handed baby.

Day 40.
Do you ever just take pictures from where your sitting?  I do.  This is sooc.

Day 41.
Snow!  We played in the snow before work.
Simply Snow

Day 42.
We went with my parents to get the girls shoes, then played at a toy store and finally pizza.  This is from the toy store.

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  1. love the processing in that snow pic! And that cat photo is beautiful!

  2. I think Kitty Paw will love that picture. ;)

    The thug baby is adorable!

  3. Great photos. I love the one from the car. So pretty. Looks like a wonderful week. Thanks for linking up.

  4. I really love your kitty picture and the snow one.

  5. That kitty makes me want to cuddle up with it. :) Great pictures!


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