Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Look at those curls

I have always wanted to have curly hair.

When I was a young child I dutifully wrapped my thin, straight hair up in curlers.  I used heated curlers while eating breakfast, soft curlers that stayed in my hair overnight, hairspray to keep the curl in; only to have my adorable ringlets fall flat before I could reach the car door.

In high school, I begged my mom for a perm or a wave so I could have finally have my curly hair, only to have the hairdresser tell me that my hair was thin to hold a perm.

So I have accepted that I will always have my straight, thin, often frizzy hair.

but ... look what made an apperance at our house the other day ...
curls 1


curls 2
curls 3
curls 4

She defiantely got these from my husband, not me.  (poor Leah has exactly my hair)  I can't wait to finally play with curly hair!

curls 5


  1. Very cute! Julia had curls like that when she finally got hair. Now she has a nice wave.


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