Friday, February 18, 2011

Trees and Babies

what a week


Have you heard about the trees at Toomer's Corner?

Have you even heard of Toomer's Corner?  It's one of the best traditions in college football (the best if you ask me).  After every win the students at Auburn University would go roll toomer's corner with toilet paper.  The tradition has been around since Auburn was introduced as Alabama Polytech Institute.  Originally students just rolled everything on the corner.  In the late 1800's two oak trees were planted on the corner and became the main target for flying toilet paper.

Rolling Toomer's is fun!  I remember after the Alabama victory in 2004 the band ran with the fans from the stadium up to Toomer's Corner. We played an impromptu pep rally right there by the tree with thousands of Auburn fans throwing rolls of toilet paper into the two live oak trees.  Kids shrieked with delight as their roll flew up to the branches and mixed with the growing white paper in the trees. They ran after that special roll as others stood guard to grab the next falling roll.  Parents smiled and watched children while remembering the days they rolled Toomer's. Students full of pride added to the rollings with cheers heard a mile away.

Tommer's Corner is a very special place.

And now, our precious trees are dying because a crazed Alabama fan poisned them.  I know this guy does not represent Alabama fans.  He's not even an alumni, just a deranged fan who in his warped mind thought that killing the trees would get him fame and support with the Alabama fan base.

Yesterday in the hospital at Tuscaloosa a stranger took the time to personally apologize to me about the trees being poisned.  No, this man is nothing like most Alabama fans.

But still, I am saddened that this act has occured.  I know they will replace the trees and the tradition will live on.  I know we are stronger as a family than one crazed fan.  But still ...

My Papa graduated from Auburn and rolled those trees.
My great-Aunt and Uncle graduated from Auburn and rolled those trees.
My parents graduated from Auburn and rolled those trees.
My husband and I graduated from Auburn and rolled those trees.
How I would have loved to see my kids continue the pattern.

The tradition will stay strong and I hope that lunatic rots in jail.

this is after the National Championship celebration at Auburn


Well, where there is death there is also life; beautiful squishy baby life.

My neice was born yesterday morning; Liliana Mable K.  Oh, she is just the cutest baby ever.  We held her and loved on her and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  And she just sat there and soaked in all the love offered to her.

from Andrew's phone = I look crappy ...

Leah loved baby Lily.  Audrey screamed bloody murder that her Mommy was holding a new baby.  Daddy smoked a cigar with his younger brother.  Mommy left with baby fever.  It didn't help that Lily was a perfect baby.  She never cried and she even sang to me when I held her. Love.

Yup, I have a case of the baby fever.  Andrew being the sweet and wonderful husband he is approached it in the best way; he made a timeline for when we can have a new baby.  So, I just have to wait until Leah is in kindergarden (a year and a half) or one of us gets a promotion.

So until one of those two happens I'll just have to live vicaoursly through my sister-in-law .. and my sitter ... and my friend ... and my other friend ... and my best friend's wife ... that's alot of baby fever coming in the next year and a half!


  1. Good luck with the baby fever and you do not look awful! :)

    That's terrible about someone poisoning the trees! Some people take rivalry way too far!

  2. Such a shame about the trees.
    Have fun snuggling all those babies!

  3. You don't look crappy! You actually look like you've lost weight since I last saw you!

    Also, I can't imagine having 3 KIDS!! Are you really thinking about that-because you'd be my role model for having your life together with that many!!

  4. The thing with the trees makes me absolutely sick. I haven't seen any news in a couple days... is there anything at all they can do to save them? :/

    Congrats on the niece!


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