Thursday, February 10, 2011

It Snowed in the South (again)

My Mom blames us for all this snow in Alabama.  She says when we moved from Nashville this fall we brought all the snow down with us.  That's cool because I like snow.  I pretty much like all weather (in moderation).

This morning the snow was to be a quick one.  The roads were still open and the sun was coming to melt the sun away.  Instead of rushing to work like always, I took a few minutes, got Leah dressed, and took her into the backyard to play in the snow.  We lasted ten minutes which may have been half the time it took to get her dressed, but it was fun.

and cold.  Cold is the theme of You Capture this week:

snow morning

I saved my favorite picture for last.  I love the way this photo turned out.  I'm also entering this photo into the Thrive Project.  This week the theme is Simplicity.  I think this photo relates to Simplicity.  The background is not distracting and my eye is drawn straight to Leah.  Oh, and I love the face she is making!

Simply Snow

As much as I enjoy playing in snow, I am looking forward to temps in the 50's and 60's this weekend!


  1. What a beautiful moment to catch. Thanks for your nice comment. Charlotte

  2. What a great collage! And that last photo is just adorable. Looks like she really enjoyed the snow!

  3. I am SO sick of snow, but I LOVE the pics though. :)

  4. How fun! I'm looking forward to the warm up too.

  5. What a fun pic! She's off center...simple background. Just lovely:)


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