Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hey Y'all ... Watch this

This morning I stepped on the scale and was assaulted with the numbers that shot back at me.  They were by far the largest numbers that I had ever seen.  Just 6 months ago, I was 20 pounds lighter.  I gained a bit over the holidays ... I mean who doesn't, right?   I gained a bit in the next couple of months ... I mean it was up and down a bit right, that's super normal?  But today ... no more.  This number crossed the limits I can accept for myself.

Today I am drinking the rest of my boxed wine.

Today I had pizza with the girls for dinner.

Today I ... well I ate a pretty normal lunch.

Today I was unhealthy for the last time.

Tomorrow I start the Whole30.  I tried this in October '12 and lasted almost 2 weeks.  I remember the day I broke from the whole 30 diet.  It was a bad morning; I was running late, we got in a fight (maybe, I don't really remember) and I was hungry.  I went to Hardee's and got a biscuit.

I love biscuits.  The buttery top.  The buttery bottom.  The crispy in the top.  The flaky in the bottom.  Oh my word, I love biscuits.

This one was a loaded egg omelet biscuit.  Loaded with eggs, bacon, cheese ... the running cheese covering the side of the biscuit and melting on the paper.  Ah-maz-ing.

I bit into that biscuit that I so desired, and I started shaking.  I felt this nervous energy making your hands shake run through me, but dammit I was hungry and I wanted that biscuit.  That was the end of my Whole 30 experience.

Tomorrow I am starting the journey again.  Forget the Hardee's biscuits ... it's not even on my way anymore.  For the next 30 days, my beloved, long forgotten and neglected blog, will become my recipe center.  This will be my place to complain, to post pictures, to be on a diet to the nobody who reads this blog, but it will be amazing to write things out and hopefully ... oh so hopefully make it through these 30 days.

Now ... back to finishing my wine.