Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 7

week 7a
starting at top left and going across then down

Day 43:  Absolutely beautiful day so we had a picnic lunch at the local gardens with bubbles
Day 44:  Pulled into the driveway after church and lunch with my parents to two sleeping babies
Day 45:  Valentine's Day.  Our wedding rings on our heart table cloth.
Day 46:  Beautiful sunrise.  I don't usually see sunrises, lol.  this shot is sooc
Day 47:  Grass growing out of a brick in the yard at work
Day 48:  Baby Lily getting her first bath.
Day 49:  Audrey's diaper bum

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  1. Wonderful Sunrise. Gorgeous. That photo of Lily is so sweet. Great photos this week. Thanks for linking up.

  2. Great collage! I love the pic of them in the rear view mirror.

  3. Beautiful sunset... and baby's first bath... OH so sweet!! =) of course... so is the diaper bum!! =)

  4. beautiful pics girl! the weather has been fabulous hasnt it


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