Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Moment I Became a Mom

I didn't want to be a mom.  Not at first anyway.  I tried to ignore the fact I was pregnant as long as I could, but really, you just can't ignore something like that.

I was 21, unwed, confused and scared.  I remember one evening sitting with my parents discussing marriage/adoption when the phrase, 'you don't want to be a mother, do you?'  I shuddered at it because mother was the very last thing I wanted to be.  I was just a kid, confused, unsure of how to live my life.  How could I teach a baby what to do?

About a week later, I sat alone at my ultrasound.  I went in not wanting to know the sex of this baby, but when the nurse asked ... I said yes.  A girl.  A little girl was growing inside me.  At that moment I bonded with the baby in me.  Boy or girl didn't matter, but the fact that now the baby was more than an 'it', it was a 'she'.

I ate lunch with Andrew after that ultrasound, showed him pictures, told him it really was a she, and told him I wanted to get married and raise her as a family.  That moment in the ultrasound room I knew I was ready to be a mom.

I define myself as Mom.  I can't wait to tell stories of my babies, post pictures, and share my life with anyone who asks.

Happy Mother's day to all my Mom friends!

(this is my Mother's Day card from Leah(3 1/2 years), all written by her)


  1. I love the card! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. What an awesome story! And she's a great writer for 3 1/2! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. What a great story and a life changing moment! you are doing a great job. I sure love you and i know those babies do too :)

  4. awww I think we all have 'that' moment that we completely take on motherhood :)

  5. Awww. So sweet.


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