Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Admit

When vacation bible school started, they asked me if I wanted to buy a cd.  I responded with a very quick, 'oh no.'  When my dad picked Leah up that evening ... I got a cd.
(btw ... is everyone doing PandaMania?  because everyone in Birmingham is)

I spent all week joking with my friends about how I was 'so mad' at my dad for buying us this cd because it has been playing non-stop in our car.  (it has)  About how annoying it is that the songs stay stuck in my head for hours.  (they do)  About how I can now sing all the words to all the songs whether I wanted to know them or not.

But, I must admit something.

I admit ... I don't hate the Vacation Bible School music cd.

It makes the girls happy, and that makes me happy, and (oh this is bad) one time Leah fell asleep with the music on and I didn't change it because I was singing and dancing along with it.

There's also something too fun about walking around the grocery store with two girls singing "He's Wild! He's Wild! God is Wild about us!"  Yes, even Audrey can (in Audrey language) sing along!

Here's a snipped from their end of VBS celebration.  Leah's the one in the side ponytail, not singing or doing the motions which she does endlessly in the backseat now.

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  1. We did The Big Apple down here in Dothan, AL. I swore if I heard "Say Yuh yuh yuh yuh YES, to vuh vuh VBS" one more time I was going to FLIP OUT. lol, but now my boy sings it, and sings about God, and I think that's preeeetttty cool. :) Good Luck. When the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD needs a rest - I tell him I need to clean it so it will play right. Gives me at least one car ride!


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