Friday, July 1, 2011

Hi July


I like July.  Even if it's hot, it's still not as bad as August.  It's kinda like a half way point.  Half way through the summer.  Half way through the year.  Time to be better and accomplish more in this second half.

Like blogging.  so, I'm challenging myself to NaBloPoMo (blog once a day for a month).

cute, huh.

The theme is swim.  I probably won't follow it, so I figure I'll at least start off with their prompt: "Where would you love to go swimming?"


Truth is though; I probably wouldn't swim in any of them.  Why, you ask?  I don't want to put on a swimsuit.  I don't want to think about wearing a swimsuit.  I am so self conscience that I may not swim in these beautiful waters because I don't want to wear a swimsuit.  Because I am fat; and it bothers me.  

But, if you really did put these waters in front of me, I'm sure I'd swim.  Maybe with a t-shirt; or a margarita.


  1. My swimsuit motto is this: There will always be someone twice your size wearing half as much. Seriously. This applies to everyone. I can't even explain some of the things I've seen on our vacations, especially when people from other countries (I'm talking to you, entirety of Europe) are involved. Enjoy the water!

  2. I love Lisa's swimsuit motto! I don't love bathing suits either...but then I realize that I'm much more concerned about how I look than anyone else is. When there are 20-year-olds with perfect bodies stuffed into bikinis walking down the beach...well, I could probably swim naked and no one would even look at me! Ha!


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