Friday, March 9, 2012

Long time, No write

oh where, oh where did my little blog go ...
oh where, oh where would you be?

oh yeah, school, work, kids, no time means I didn't post.  Now that I'm not in school (long story which I'm sure I'll share one day) I have all this free time.  I don't really want to clean more.  I wouldn't like to fold clothes.  Although I will have to do all of this, I would also like to get back into updating my blog.

I found this awesome list of 30 questions on Hopes and Dreams so I figured answering these would be a great way to get into the habit of blogging again.

1. List 20 random facts about yourself.

20?  really?  man ... that's a high number.  I mean 20 was old when I was in elementary school ...

-I love to read so much that as a child I would not stop reading to eat dinner.  I used to get in trouble for that too.
-I rarely do my hair.  In fact the hair dryer I own is the same one I had in high school (12 years ago)
-I'm messy.  shhhh don't tell, I'm trying to get better
-I talk in my sleep.  I once held a phone conversation with Andrew in my sleep.
-I love t.v.  Gilmore Girls and Scrubs are my two favorite 'I can watch every episode over and over again' shows.
-I watch too much t.v.  Ask my husband, he'll agree.
-I have the goal of becoming a nurse one day.
-I think watching E.R. as a child / teen / adult has influenced my idea of becoming a nurse.  That and the fact that I feel comfortable in hospitals.
-I believe in ghosts, angels, and demons.
-I played soccer in high school even though I never made it past the JV team.  I chose jazz band over varsity soccer.
-I play trumpet, piano and handbells.
-I love VeggieTales as much as my two girls.
-I love Auburn University and everything with it.  Auburn football.  Auburn colors.  Auburn traditions.  My degree from Auburn.
-I am addicted to listening to podcast episodes.  I work alone on the third shift so I listen to podcasts constantly.
-Wicked is my all-time favorite Broadway play.
-I used to be a pretty horrible cook, but I'm trying and I've actually made like 2 or 3 good recipes.
-Being a mom defines me more than I ever could have imagined.
-I always add an extra shot of espresso to my coffee drinks.
-I am extremely afraid of bugs.  I scream at the sight of a cockroach.
-I adore Christ, my family, and life even as I learn day by day how to live it best.

Well, there ya go, 20 random (super random) facts.  Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me and will stick around to learn even more!

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