Thursday, June 16, 2011

Insta Wednesday

Yeah, I know it's Thursday ... so sue me.

Leah begged me to swim in the pink plastic pool.  She made me do it, I tell ya.

We went to our sitter's son's first birthday party.  Luke is the little one in the pool; Audrey is in the pigtails, and Leah is the one whining ... even though she was happy to be there every other second.

Funny story ... Leah went up to two other boys at the party about her age who were outside playing with bubbles and footballs, and started twirling.  Then she asked them, "do you like my pretty dress?"

Yeah ... she's only 3.

Give them magnets and cook dinner in peace ... or not ...

All photos are taken from the Instagram iPhone app; yup I'm addicted.

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