Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Sunday

What do you do when you thought the library would surely be open after church except it actually opens at 2pm?

Listen to a sad child and figure out how to waste two hours.

What do you do when you visit the brand new used bookstore 2nd and Charles and they take your 2 Steve Berry books and offer you .70 or 1.70 store credit?

Take the store credit and decide you'd rather give your books away to friends for free.  Really I thought I'd get enough credit to at least buy another book.  Oh, and then we took books from the free bin in the front.

What do you do when you were going to visit a friend who was close while waiting for the library, but the friend's dog poops in the pin and she has to bathe him?

Remember you have a full thing of bubbles in the glove compartment and go to the nearest park and sweat out the heat.

What do you do when you finally get to the library?

Collapse in a chair while the kids play.  I now wish I had a picture of them playing.

What do you do when you find out the cute pictures you took at the park have no way of getting onto the computer?

Pout.  I can't find my computer cord and the SD drive seems to be broken ( I blame a kid).  Even my phone won't take good pictures of pictures.

What do you do when all this happens?

Complain on your blog!

Really though, we had a great day.  Funniest story ... (Audrey current diapers have not been sticking well) We are at the library and I look over at Audrey and her diaper is on the ground next to her.  I had to run over to her, pick her and the (thankfully clean) diaper up and run the bathroom.


  1. this sounds like my kind of day - the other day, at the end of another exhausting day all I could think was "sometimes it is SO hard to have fun."

  2. Oh, I saw what you're reading - I've read all of the Reacher books - I love them but sometimes I can't help thinking "GET A SUITCASE!"

  3. LOL I so get it. I work at the library and while we are closed on Sundays during the summer (AMEN!) during the regular year it's so hard for me to figure out what to do in that one hour "layover" between church and work.

  4. I have this image of her little baby bum at the library! LOL
    Our library has weird hours, too, it drives me crazy.


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