Friday, June 3, 2011

What Kaci Wants

Kaci’s head hurt.  No, it didn’t just hurt; it felt like a heard of elephants dancing a jig or tiny elves hanging pictures in her skull.  She sat at the dinner table hands encircling her pounding head.

“Good Morning,” her mother breezed in, cheerful smile plastered upon her face.

Kaci managed a murmur, not in the mood to fake the attitude her family required.

“What’s wrong honey?” her mother asked, stale concern doubling her headache.

“Just Finals, mom.  Long night studying,” she replied finally able to lift her head on her own.  “College is hard, you know.”  Kaci added knowing full well her mother knew nothing of college.

“Oh.  Well how about a glass of orange juice; breakfast of champions.”  Her mother flashed a print-ad worthy smile while producing a glass seemingly out of the air.

Kaci hated this place.  The perfect house.  The perfect wife.  The perfect school.  Even the orange juice tasted perfect.

She watched year after year as friends and siblings followed along the unwritten guidelines; how to act, where to go to school, who to marry.  Even sitting the kitchen, sipping her orange juice, she knew what was planned for her.

Last night though, she stepped away from this planned perfect world.  She ran fast, scaled the walls and found herself in a world so unfamiliar.  Just the thought of remembering the thrill made her toes start tingling with desire.  Her head transferred pounding to her heart, and her cheeks flushed ever so slightly.

And then there was him.

His eyes had borne into hers while they danced.  He lived with such life, happiness, seemingly careless is his world.  He smiled when they talked, and she believed it to be genuine.  He cared for her without even knowing the fortune waiting in the bank.

He pulled her close when the music slowed, his hand sliding up her back.  His arms were strong and held her closer when she felt her legs faint.  He pulled her in and she melted into him, his strength enough to overcome her.  Before she could notice, his lips touched hers ever so softly, creating a spark that flowed throughout her.

“Kaci!  Don’t you have a final to get to?” her mother’s voice pulled her away from the daydreams.

As she stumbled away from the table, she realized perhaps clearly for the first time, she did not want this life deeded to her.

This post is fictional and inspired from the red dress club's Red Writing Hood; theme: tell what your character wants.  I actually have a plan for Kaci and her mystery guy ... stay tuned :-)

Concrit is always appreciated and welcomed.


  1. My favorite part was from, "He pulled her close..." on. I was with her as she was pulled away from her daydream. Also, I could feel Kaci's angst throughout. Enjoyed reading here :)

  2. I'd love to hear more about this story and the perfect life that Kaci doesn't want. :)


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