Monday, June 6, 2011



I am a self-proclaimed stalker; when it comes to the internet and blogs and such ... no I don't follow people around and spy over fences, but when it comes to blogs mainly I seem to stalk more than I comment.

It's not that I don't like the post or picture or person; I just have annoyances when it comes to commenting sometimes.

1. 'LOL' comments:
When I read something that is funny, but I don't really have any way to relate to it and I don't really have any similar story; I feel really dumb to click on the link only to say 'lol' or 'that's so funny'.  Duh, they knew it was funny when they typed it.

2. Un-personal comments:
I hate un-personal comments, you know the ones that look like they could have been copied and pasted even when they aren't.  These are bad when I'm browsing through picture posts, and I hate leaving comments that say 'that's a cool/awesome/fun picture'.  Oh, and also why I no longer participate in those 'hi, i stopped here now come see me and lets be friends' blog hops.

3.  I don't have anything to say:
Sometimes I read wonderful posts, and I just don't have anything to add.  So I don't even try.

4.  I'm lazy:
So the truth comes out too ... I mean to comment I'd have to click out of my reader, fight with this stupid work computer to not block 'personal sites', skim the article to remember what I wanted to write in the first place and then type it.  That's more work than just clicking on the next title.

Stalking does have it's downfalls.  I probably don't have as many readers as I could, and I don't expect as many comments, but that's cool with me.  I'm cool with people finding their way over here and now and again.  I need this to be a place more for me anyways.

But know, just because you don't see me popping up in your email doesn't mean I don't know what you did last weekend, your favorite movie and your dog's middle name.


  1. Im like that too sometimes. Occasionally I really loved the post but I dont have anything worth adding :)

  2. I'm similarly guilty of all of the above! :)

  3. LOL! er... [crickets chirping]
    <3 you!

  4. Heh, that cartoon made me giggle.

    And I have to admit, I am the same way! I follow SO. MANY. BLOGS. I wish I had enough time (or meaningful words) to comment on all of them.


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