Monday, April 25, 2011

4's on a Monday

I stole this from Momma Fargo and thought it seemed like a fun, not-much thought required thing to do on a Monday!

Four Places I Go

1. The Coal Mine {work} ok, it’s not really a coal mine, but rather a coal testing lab although I get dirty enough to consider it a coal mine.
2.  Handbell Practice
3.  Pepper Place
markets on Saturday mornings
4.  Church {Vestavia Hills Lutheran Church} … I need to go more often, but honestly I rarely just ‘skip’ … these past few weekends I’ve either been out of town or at my parents’ church

Four Smells that I Love

1.  Lavender
2.  Honeysuckles
3.  Fresh air; especially the cool air of an early spring or fall morning before the heat really reaches us
4.  Sharpies

Four Favorite TV Shows

1.  Modern Family
2.  Criminal Minds
3.  Law & Order: LA
4.  The Office

Four Recommendations
I’m recommending iPhone games/apps because I am obsessed with them!

1. Angry Birds; I mean who doesn’t love this game! Even Leah plays it!
2. Words with Friends; my name is colour4, but I must warn you … my family has dinged me a words with friends cheater (more like an open book test if you ask me)
3. Talking Tom; he’s a cat and he’s super cute
4. Scott Sigler free audiobooks (they are in the podcast section of iTunes)

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