Monday, April 4, 2011

Leaving Thoughts and Losing Time

Everyone goes through a time when writing is scarce, thoughts leave quickly, and blog posts just aren't as grand as they once were ...

i think mine is right now ...
  • Work is working me like crazy!  I am currently training two people by myself and adding on responsibilities by the day.  So, I asked for a raise.  I don't know what will happen, but I had to tell someone!
  • We are going to Nashville this weekend, just me and the girls.  I really wish Andrew could come, but he has to work ... It will be the first time I take the girls on a trip by myself.
  • I'm tired.  I don't know if it is the pollen in the air, the long busy days, or the rain storm going on outside, but I'm tired.
  • My 365 project is lacking.  I'm still taking pictures, they just aren't as inspired as they once were.
So, overall, busy but good.  I guess it's like taking a mental breather, without really meaning too.  Wanna see some new pictures?

oh, how did I know you'd say yes?  My facebook friends probably think I upload too many pictures, but I have an excuse.  The other day I told Andrew he should come look at these pictures I took, and he told me to put them on facebook and he'll look at them there.

Andrew ... here's some pictures from this weekend:

Stadium Fest ... of course we got there during the hour they closed the entire kids section for the James Spann inspirational speech.  That's great ... unless your kids are 3 and 1 are just really want to jump on the bouncy things.  We did get our faces painted, and then headed off to a more fun place ...

The park in front of Stadium Fest!  yay!

So, just wondering, has life ever interfered with your creative flow ... and how did you overcome it?


  1. Cute pics (and I ♥ James Spann - haha)!

    Hmmm... wait it out? I have sewing projects stacked up on my sewing table. They've been there for weeks and I haven't touched them. They are actually collecting dust (like, for real DUST).

    And, I'm finally starting to come out of a major bloggy funk after months and MONTHS. Just wait it out. ;)

  2. Life is ALWAYS interrupting my creative flow! I deal with it I guess I just don't give a crap how successful my blog is right now :) But I love your pictures, keep it up! Have a good time in Nashville!

  3. I completely understand! I have knitting and sewing projects that need to get done, blog posts that need to be written and places to be cleaned that may not get I just take it one day at a time and go with the inspiration when it comes. I also schedule time to write and don't beat up on myself if I'm too tired. Thanks for visiting from UBP '11.

  4. Hope you get that raise!
    The pictures are beautiful.


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