Friday, October 22, 2010

10 Everyday Life List

1.      I gave Leah a horse shaped piggy bank.  Any coin left alone for about 5 minutes goes straight to her horsy bank.

2.      She also reminds me that I’m going to work to make money for her horsy bank.

3.      Our house has become a revolving door for plumbers and butt cracks.  And yet … the drain is still stopped up.

4.      The joy of renting is that we don’t have to pay for any of this!

  1. Landlord bought a new dishwasher for us!  (Praise Jesus)  The last couple weeks we have been washing dishes by hand … oh the travesty.
6. Everyday this week I have worn long sleeves to work even though the high has been projected in the 80’s.  I figure if I wear long sleeves enough, maybe someone will get the hint and bring fall really down to Alabama.

  1. Everything is so slow today, so I went and made friends (I’m still new here) and gossiped for about an hour.  I got some good juicy gossip, but no one to share with.  Eh, I shouldn’t gossip anyways ;-)

  1. Audrey has a snotty cold, but is terrified of the little bulb that gets boogers out of her nose.  If she sees it coming towards her; her head starts shaking like it’s gonna spin around backwards.

  1. Do you watch Modern Family?  You should … it is the perfect comedy!

  1. Make sure you watch CBS tomorrow at 2:30 to see my Auburn Tigers whoop up on some LSU tiger meat!  WAR EAGLE!


  1. I did it! I did my ABC's, it was tough but fun! Thanks! You have good writing ideas! Bree

  2. I love that Leah tells you you're making money for her horsey bank. You should get a video of that, and when she gets about 18 tell her that the joke's on her because when you get old she has to make the money to take care of you! :)


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