Saturday, October 23, 2010

Easy like a Saturday Morning

"That's why I'm easy
I'm easy like Sunday morning"

-Lionel Richie

Apparently Lionel Richie never went to church on Sunday mornings or else he would not clarify Sunday mornings as easy.

No, Sunday mornings are filled with running around to find that hidden dress, those shoes shoved in the closet, making sure everyone eats breakfast and gets in the car in time to make it to church.

Or is it just my house that is crazy on Sunday mornings?

But Saturday mornings ... those are easy!

On Saturday mornings you can sleep in a bit; roll over when the sun peeks in through the curtains.

Audrey morning

Saturday mornings are perfect for grabbing a blanket and having a breakfast picnic in the backyard.


Blowing milk bubbles is ok when it's on a Saturday morning

blowing bubbles

On Saturdays you can keep your pajamas on till noon and then take a nap after you change into clothes.

saturday morning

Saturdays are perfect for slowing down and taking the time to notice the little things; like the fly resting on your picnic blanket.

a fly

Saturday mornings are perfect for cuddling and loving. The cleaning; the laundry can all wait until the afternoon.

Audrey smile

Yup, it's definitely
sat morning
Easy like a Saturday morning!

How was your Saturday morning?  Did you take a second to breathe and recharge?


  1. Isn't it crazy getting ready for church on a Sunday morning? The first sentence had me cracking up. Great pictures too! Very cute!

  2. Ohh Sunday mornings are stressful. I love the pics, you girls are so cute

  3. Oh, I need a Saturday morning!!! LOL Only one more week and my youngest son's flag football season will end...then I will have a Saturday morning...yes, yes, I will!

    My husband and always laugh and say Satan is having fun with us because Sundays are always so crazy...makes me want to duck and run! LOL

  4. Great photos! No we didn't slow down. Went to Chick Fil A for breakfast, followed by a stop at Target then a stop at my work to box up some packages for friends and family. Somehow that all took 3 hours!?!

  5. I love mornings like that! Our Sundays are crazy, too. Saturdays are definitely more laid-back.


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