Thursday, October 28, 2010

I lied on my Job Application


like you've never fibbed just a bit ...

It's not like I added a degree or claimed to speak Finish

(learned not to do that from Confessions of a Shopaholic)

It's more like during the interview process someone is going to ask a question along the lines of ...

"How do you process your emotions?"

and that's when I lie with something like ...

"Oh, I just take a moment to collect myself.  I keep it inside.  I would never display my emotions."

big fat LIE

(just ask my husband ... he's probably laughing as he reads this right now)

because if I answered with the truth; you know something like ...

"Well, my face is an open book for every single emotion I feel at the moment.  I take constructive criticism personally.  I have been known to burst into tears when I'm upset.  and pretty much, I'm just an emotional wreck."

because if I told them that, then I'm sure the next response would be

"Alright.  Let me show you to the door.  Oh and don't let it hit you on the way out!"

yeah ...

So now, when someone brings me samples to analyze at 3:30 (when I want to leave at 4) they have started saying "Don't be mad at me, Christy."

What?!?  I didn't say anything.  Ok, so my face may be screaming 'I hate you!!!!', but really I'm not mad at you, honestly, I swear.

I'm more mad at the situation ... you get that right ... the situation .. the fact that since you are bringing me more samples means I'm staying here for a minimum of at least an hour and a half; I'm going to be late for dinner, and I'm really missing my girls about this time.  I'm mad at that.

Not at you...

Try explaining that logic to a bunch of guys.  (I’m the only girl in the lab)

I did.  and I sounded like a crazy person.

So no ... I'm not mad at YOU.  I'm mad at the situation.  and honestly ... it's more of frustration, not anger.

Why don't guys know their emotions?  Geezz ... do I have to explain everything.

I know that I need to not show my emotions.  I need to take it in stride.  Really in the long run, what's a couple of extra hours but some overtime pay?  I can handle that.  And then I'll just take extra long rocking Audrey at night and crawl into bed to read to Leah and stay after the book is over to share make believe stories and fall asleep in the bed with her.  I can handle some extra time at work.  Really ... it's ok.

Could someone tell my face that?


  1. Just work with it! If all the guys are afraid of you, you can get them to do crap for you! :)

  2. I totally get it! I work extra hard to take deep breaths and control my emotions, which my boss (hubby) takes as a sigh and to mean that I am annoyed.

    I can't win in my office

  3. LOL I just read several of the Shopaholic books, she cracks me up!


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