Monday, October 25, 2010

I heart Pink and Breast Cancer Awarness

Today at I heart Faces their weekly photo challenge is Pink for promoting Breast Cancer Awarness.  This gives me a great opportunity to write on something that I have been wanting to write about for awhile.

pink fountain

A couple of weeks ago, my dad called me up and invited me to come walk a Mile Fun Run with him in a few weekends.  I was excited; although I had no idea what marathon / event / what-not we were walking in.  Imagine my excitment when I found out it was the Race for a Cure supporting Breast Cancer Awarness.

The amount of people there amazed me.  I think we pratically walked a mile from where we parked to where the race was ... good warm-up right?  So many people were there; so many people were wearing pink; and then I saw the survivior shirts and my emotions balled up.

I don't personally know anyone who has struggled with breast cancer.  I don't even know a friend of a friend, but I do know of struggle.  I do know of the love you share with a loved one and how you never want anything to harm them.

Pink Lady
This is the picture I would like to enter into the Pink contest.

This lady; her untold story moved me.  As she sat in her chair, she was constantly surronded by people who I assumed to be family.  I imagine she was enveloped by the love of her family; son or daughter, grandchildren all running this race to celebrate her and her life; to celebrate her struggle and how she overcame them.

The stories told and untold. The lives lived and the lives lost. The telling glances of a Mom wearing a survivor shirt and holding the hands of two young sons.

Pink collage 1

Signs held high in memory of a young lady who did not survive this cancer. Stories and quotes on the back of shirts proudly worn by groups of people. So many emotions gathered all in one place caused a dam to form behind my tear ducts threating to break forth at any moment. Tears to mix in with those cried by the families, the survivors, the friends, the on-lookers. So many stories could not be contained in the downtown square.

Pink Collage 2

I hope the young girls in the cheerleading squad understood why they were running. As I stood at the finish line waiting for my dad, I was enveloped by coaches of one of the nearby high school's cheerleading squad. I hope they grasped that this was more than a race to run, but a race that could impact their lives.

Racing People

I belive in science ... I have to; I'm a scientist.
I belive in faith ... I have to; I'm a Christain.

and with both Faith and Science; I know that someday, somehow, something will be found to fight against this disease.


  1. beautiful post, Christy!
    the pictures brought home the emotion, or maybe I'm just overloaded on emotion ... either way, great job!

  2. wow, what a post. I honestly had a tears looking at the pics.

  3. What a great post - Got me all choked up!

  4. really great pics!
    wanted to let you know, you still have the link of the old blog in your twitter profile, you should switch it to this one! (:


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