Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Come on in!

Welcome to The colour 4. 

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, but that’s ok. 

What can you expect here:

Pictures:  I like taking pictures.  Almost more than I like to take pictures, I love to show my pictures to other people.  Yes, I am that person who bombards you with pictures when you walk in the door, stands over your shoulder as you glance at them, and then eagerly asks ‘well, what did you think?  Huh, huh, huh?  Did you love them?  Aren’t they cool?  Huh, huh, huh?  Aren’t I the bestest picture taker you’ve ever seen?”

I promise that … well, my husband is always reminding me not to make promises I can’t keep … so I will try not to annoy you with my anticipating glances as you look at my pictures.  That’s why there’s an internet between us.  And you better follow through with some awesome comments … because my friends on Facebook are currently failing.

Writing:  I like to write fiction.  It’s like an escape from life.  In fiction you can be anyone, anything and nobody can tell you no.  Although I do struggle with the fact that I want everything to have a happy ending.  It’s the 3 year old in me; just the way I end all the stories I tell Leah “and she lived happily ever after  or maybe it’s just because I think people will see me as morbid if I pick anything but happy.

So expect some writing up in here.  Although I have yet to write a story more than a chapter long … well, I’m learning and growing and may lock the kids in the playroom on a Saturday to write.  What … there’s a glass door leading to the playroom; I could still see them.

Everyday Life:  I’m not that good at writing about everyday life.  Because if I was then I would remember half the stupid conversations I have with Andrew or a quarter of the silly and sweet things Leah says. 

Or I would tell you about how within the first two weeks at my new job I got in trouble twice for reading a book … while on lunch break.  So I can only assume that someone (whoever was telling on me) is intimidated by me reading or something like that.

Or I would tell you about the other day when my boss came to work dressed in a tan camo outfit and in the afternoon I saw him outside shooting a bow and arrow at a target that was facing the building we work in.  Talking to the associate manager and shooting arrows kinda close to the door … only in the south, y’all.

and the random:  just stuff … you know the random stuff that doesn’t fit into a pretty category and sometimes just plain makes you go ‘huh?’  But I will try not to blog drunk … talk about not making sense!

I hope you stick around.  I hope you come with me on this journey we call life.  I hope you leave me a comment so I feel good about myself … at least for a moment!

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  1. Love the new blog! :) Very creative name! Are you going to put GFC on here?


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