Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall is creeping into the South

Fall is finally here in the South. Although as I write this it is projected to be 80 degrees here today. Well, at least the humidity is down!

This past weekend we had some fall fun!

Everyone (except me) went to a fall festival Sunday afternoon. Where was I you may ask? at work ... but hey, it's better than the other job I interviewed for that practically required full days on the weekends. I can live with a few hours a weekend or two.

But, I did get to join the family in time for the pumpkin patch!

both Girls

This paticular pumpkin patch is super special to me. It is at the church that I grew up in and the one my parents still attend.

Leah and Pumpkins

It was a bit strange to now be here with my kids. I remember coming over and working the pumpkin patch when I was in middle school. I remember unloading the pumpkins and watching in delight while the rotten ones crashed down the hill.

Audrey wave

I remember reading a book while 'working' the cash register in high school and being suprised by friends coming to visit (or maybe a boyfriend a time or two).

And yet, it seems different in a way. It's not my pumpkin patch and my memories anymore, and I'm cool with that. They now belong to the gaggle of girls dressed up in costumes and waving posters at passing cars.

Pumpkin Kiss

Now my memories are watching the girls pick out the perfect pumpkin and sealing it with a kiss. The memories now belong to my girls and hopefully the years we will spend visiting here. I know they will hold onto the good memories; like I have for years to come.

B/W Audrey

Everyone (espeically around this church) keeps telling me they are so glad we are back home. But I'm not sure I see it that way. Birmingham is my childhood home for sure, but when we left and spent over 2 years in Nashville; that become my home too. Yes, I am glad we moved back to Birmingham, espeically to be closer to family, but I'm not coming back 'home' in the sense that I seem to get people expect me too.


We live on a different side of town. We attend a different church. We are making new friends and rekindling older friendships.

Birmingham is now my home in the same sense that Nashville was my home.

and who knows what the future holds? Who knows where our home will be in 5 or 10 years? Just because we moved back to Birmingham doesn't mean we have moved back for a lifetime.

Our life and our future is in the hands of God. He knows what is best, and He will guide us a lead us to where we need to be.

And where ever we are ... will always be HOME!


Happy Fall from our Home to Yours!

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  1. Looks like you had a fun time! And you are correct, full weekends all the time suck big time.

  2. You have a beautiful blog. Such pretty little girls! (I love chubby baby cheeks :)

  3. Your girls are adorable....Glad you were able to make it for the pumpkin patch...I know how it is to work weekends!

  4. I just love the little squishy nose grin the little one has :)
    beautiful girls ♥

  5. It's true that home is where the heart is and all that. Although, I must say...I can call just about anywhere I sleep home.

  6. It definitely feels different when you have moved away. Home is where my husband and kids are.

  7. Beautiful pics! And I agree with all of the other posters about home! Your blog is looking beautiful

  8. precious pictures. I sooo wish I was back in youth and able to work pumpkin patch. I used to love it! miss you.


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