Saturday, March 26, 2011

365 Catchup Week

wow, I am way behind on posting my weekly 365 pictures.  I'm still taking them and getting all caught up today!
week 10a
Day 63.  wine glass reflection
Day 64.  i made tissue paper balls to hang over the kids toy/craft area
Day 65.  with leftover tissue paper, Leah made a bow and wore it around for days
Day 66.  the sun was shining in just the right way to take some cool shadow shots
Day 67.  Mardi Gras king cake decoration!
Day 68.  just me laying on the floor taking pictures of how many times the kids ran in front of the coffee table
Day 69.  Audrey sitting at her desk
week 11a
Day 70.  weekend breakfast; grape jelly on toast, yum
Day 71.  Leah playing at Grandma's house
Day 72.  a heart shaped cloud
Day 73.  Leah 'framed' at Walmart
Day 74.  Audrey in the backyard
Day 75.  Happy Saint Patty's day green beer
Day 76.  we went to the beach!  sandy Leah feet
week 12a
Day 78.  Leah and I at the beach
Day 79.  Audrey walking towards the ocean
Day 80.  dogwoods blooming in our front yard
Day 81.  Tank the cat versus a frog
Day 82.  a bush in our front yard.  i don't know what it is, but the flowers are beautiful
Day 83.  Audrey eating yogurt by herself.  she would not let me help her at all
Day 84.  passed this old house in downtown Birmingham.  I love to imagine what life was like when this house was young

Here's a video of day 83; my super smart and determined 16 month old eating yogurt all by herself

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  1. Wow! Great photos. I love the heart shaped cloud. So neat!


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