Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking Back

5.) Share an old journal entry.
Mama’s Losin’ It

For this prompt I went back to my LiveJournal account I wrote in during college.  First I found an extremely depressing entry, but I decided to save that for another day and instead compare my 2005 self to my 2011 self.

This entry was originally posted on 7/27/2005
10 years ago (July 1995): I was starting 5th grade at Greystone Elem. I had the same 4th and 5th grade class because i opened a new elem school that my mom teaches at now

5 years ago (July 2000): High school, sophmore year...the first year we won state in football, lol. I would be at band camp around now. I was also going through my off again on again Chris stage...we dated for about three years, kinda when i felt like it. i know, bad, i'm sorry, i got better at this whole relationship thing, i hope.

1 year ago (July 2004): I would be ending my last few weeks on the mountain working with Mountain TOP. That was an amazing summer, for real.

Yesterday: I woke up really early for lab, didn't finish my lab competely before i had to leave for my 11:30 test, which sucked, went to logic and worked on notecards for my chem test, went to Panera and ate good food and made more notecards and then went to work. It was a good night, i made 75 dollars, but I closed, so i didn't get home until about 2...but that's all today

Today: woke up way to early, studied, got coffee, took my organic test (which wasn't too bad) skipped the rest of my classes...watched My Fair Lady (which is a great musical), got TCBY, ate dinner, worked on my scrapbook, and yeah, that's about it right now

Tomorrow: Go to lab (8 am, stinks) go to econ class, hopefully my lab won't run too late since i did miss today. Andrew's making linner, chicken alferado and good bread from panera, going to work at 4, home around 11, then prolly sleep or reading.

oh how different college life was from my life now.  and just for fun ...
Posted on 3/24/2011
10 years ago (March 2001): Middle of my sophomore year in high school.  I was an awkward kid trying to fit in and date a guy on and off and not look like too much of a nerd.  I was also playing for the JV soccer team.

5 years ago (March 2006):  Andrew and I had just passed the first year of dating.  I was very much in the middle of the 'finding me' and rebellious stage.  So, most people go through that in high school ... mine was in college

1 year ago (March 2010):  I was working at Vanderbilt in Nashville and still adjusting to life with two beautiful girls.

Yesterday (3/23/2011):  I went to work for 9.5 hours, took Audrey with me to Walgreen's for ketchup for dinner, ate a fabulous meatloaf my husband cooked, gave both girls baths and put them to bed, then folded clothes with my husband while watching basketball.

Today (3/24/2011):  I'll go to work and train the new night guy.  I want to start using the my fitness plan app on my iphone to track calories and get this diet going.

Tomorrow (3/25/2011):  I'll go to work and smile because it's Friday.  This weekend I want to decorate the trees in our front yard with eggs and ribbons.

It's fun to compare different times in my life.  There are good times and bad times to all the different phases, but I do love the phase of life I'm in now.

Wanna play along?  Go for it and let me know in the comments!


  1. Life has really changed a lot for me these past 10++ years.. 10yrs ago I wrote about just starting off joining the workforce. Nowadays I blog more about what I do with the kids on a daily basis too.

  2. Life sure does change a lot as the years pass by. You made me hungry for Panera, I wish the closest one wasn't two hours away.

  3. So, I don't think I'll do a whole post on this (because I'm boring), but here's a quick peek at what it would be if I did:

    10 yrs ago: Had just started dating Ken, finishing my first year at AU

    5 yrs ago: Getting ready to marry Ken (3 months from now is 5 years...ack!), just started first "real job"

    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Work, work, feed critters, work, work, sleep.

    So, yeah...BORING! :)

  4. 10 yrs ago: Working as an actor in D.C. and Baltimore, and living with my good friend, Jessica. Oh, the life of single ladies!

    5 yrs ago: Meeting and dating my husband! And, working a VERY stressful job.

    Yesterday: Ran errands and answered the question "Where are we going to" a million times.

    Today: Finish Thank You notes and unpacking. Maybe go to the new park.

    Tomorrow: Write for 6 Word Fridays!

    (your daughter is beautiful!)

  5. I love the idea of an egg tree! Things really do change. Great post!

  6. I just played along... It was fun! Here is my "Looking Back" post, or "Then and Now:"

  7. I got distracted when you started talking about school. And having to be at lab at 8am. Boo that. Luckily your adorable little person's face was able to reign me back in! What a cutie!

  8. Oooh.. now I want to do that.. I should take a look through my old journals, though I know there is a gap of a few years where I didn't write.

    Loved your post! Nice when you look back and you can say you love your present!! Your little girl is so cute.


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