Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to make a King's cake

I love Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday and Lent and Easter.  You could say it's the best holiday time ... and you don't even get gifts.  Crazy; I know.  So this year, I decided to make a mini King's cake!  (that's the cake that usually has a baby inside)
  • First, decide the best time to make the cake is when your husband (who knows how to cook) runs to the gas station for ice
  • Pop open a can of Grand biscuits
  • Smoosh the dough and attempt to flatten
  • Wish you had a rolling pin, but since you don't grab a turkey baster to make do
  • Attempt to roll the dough into a rectangle.  Shrug and accept a cloud shape as good enough
  • Smother in butter, sugar and cinnamon
  • Roll
  • Get messy
  • Tell whining babies they have to wait for the cake to actually cook before they can eat it
  • Freak out when husband calls and says 'fold it like a calazone' because your doughy sugary mess is in the shape of a paper towel roll
  • Argue over the phone and just accept your little fat circle
my cake
making cake
  • Husband gets home and tells you cake does not look right
  • Sulk because you are certain you messed up the cake
  • Distract kids while the cake is cooking for 35 whole minutes
  • Pull out short fat little King's cake
  • Smother with way too much cream cheese icing
  • Add sprinkles
  • Keep fingers out of icing
  • Cut cake
  • Eat, be merry, and enjoy!
yummy cakeyum

Happy Fat Tuesday friends!


  1. My kids would LOVE to make this! What messy fun. Glad to have found your blog. Janae

  2. I found you!!! I was sitting here thinking that I haven't read any new blogs from you and didn't realize you moved. I am so glad I found you!!!! The girls look great and getting so big! your king cake looked good. Are you liking AL?

  3. Hey, it looks perfect to me! I love Mom's who let their kids get messy.


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