Monday, March 21, 2011

Beachy Beach

The past three days were spent with sand, sun and cold water.  As well as car rides in the ever spacious rented van, but it was all worth it just to see this.


and this
The girls absolutely loved the beach.  My sister is in graduate school at University of West Florida, so my parents, me and the girls traveled down to visit her and the beach.  Poor Andrew had to work, but he is for sure coming next time!  The drive from Birmingham really wasn't bad at all, and Leah was so very excited to see the beach.  Audrey took right to it.  I have two little beach babies.

Of course this started the tales from my parents of how when I came to the beach around their age, I wouldn't take my tennis shoes off in the sand and preferred to sit on a chair on a towel than dig in the sand.

Leah and Audrey, not them, they took straight to the messy sand and ice cold water.

Day 1
beach 1_b

Day 2
beach 2_b

Day 3
beach 3_b

It was a wonderful vacation, but I had to go back to reality today.  That's alright, because I spent the day doing what I do when I come back from vacation; reliving memories through pictures and try to figure out a feasible way we could live on the beach!


  1. You was in my hood! Looks like the girls had fun. We haven't been out to the beach yet... we're such slackers.

  2. I am SO ready to get back to the beach, especially after seeing your beautiful pictures!

  3. I love Leah's pigtails, and Audrey's sunglasses + paci look! So cute :) I wonder if buying a duplex together would make it affordable...I mean, at least we'd know our neighbors!

  4. How lovely! It makes me feel better coming out of the cold winter to see that and know that those days are not so far off for us!

  5. Ahh looks so fun! Beautiful pics!


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