Tuesday, March 1, 2011

May I Recommend?

a movie and a book

So up there on my header I made a couple of new pages including what book I'm reading, a movie I'm in love with and my favorite photo of the moment.  Here's what's on my mind right now ...

Book:  Prayers and Lies
I may not judge a book by it's cover, but I was certainly drawn to this book because of the cover.  The little girl on it just looked like she had a story to tell, so I checked it out.  Wonderful book.  I read the last 100 or so pages in a day.  It was the kind of book I took to the potty with me so I could read without kid interruptions (too much info?).  The story line is fast paced, the secrets delicious.  Let me know if you read it ... I'd love to chat about it!  Click the cover for the Goodreads page:
Prayers and Lies

Movie:  Chaos Theory
Somehow I missed this movie ... it came out in 2008 and stars Ryan Reynolds.  He is a list fanatic, but his life takes a terrible turn when his wife accidentally sets the clocks forward ten minutes instead of backwards ten minutes in an attempt to give him more time.  This movie is simply amazing.  I was grasped by it from the very start and laughing and crying throughout.  I swear I'm going to make my husband watch it with me again.  It is listed as a comedy, but don't be confused.  It is not (lol) humor, but rather very dark and dry.  Wonderful, wonderful movie!
oh, and it's on the instant queue at Netflix so you could watch it tonight ... just saying ...

If you want to know what I'm reading now ... just check it out in the header!


  1. LOVE to read - definitely checking on your book recommendation. thanks!!

  2. I'm going to add that one to my shelf! Thanks for the reccomendation!


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