Monday, December 13, 2010

Bug Attack

About 10 minutes after Andrew left to go back to Atlanta, we had a bug attack.  Seriously ... could he had not waited ten more minutes?

Leah's playing games on the computer while Audrey and I are playing blocks on the floor.  Audrey starts to wander to the other side of the room when I notice this HUGE brown spider-looking thing in the middle of the blocks.

I don't deal with bugs well.  There was this one time where Andrew taunted me that a spider was in our bed, or this other time that a roach attacked me at 6am.

so yeah ... I hate bugs.  back to this story ...

My first reaction is to scream and throw blocks at this bug on the floor.  I'm screaming and throwing and backing up really fast.  Audrey starts crying because I scared the daylights out of her. 

Leah, barely looking up from her computer games says, "Mommy, did you see a bug?  I think you made Audrey cry."

I calmed Audrey down and got her passy, and walked back to face the problem ... the blocks did not kill this bug.  I set Audrey down on the floor, who is still looking at me like I'm crazy, and approached this spider-bug with a shoe.  I decided that a shoe was too risky (this thing looked like it could jump), so I went with the broom.

I'm screaming, hitting the ground and the bug with the broom; Audrey is doing the whole 'crying so hard there's no sound coming out'; Leah is still playing on the computer.

Leah: "Did you kill the bug, Mommy?  I think you made Audrey cry again."

truth from my 3 year old ...

So, I calmed Audrey down again and rocked her to sleep for her nap.

Now, I had to clean this stupid bug up.  Dead bugs still make me icky ... I grabbed my camera because I knew I just had to share this story with you lovely people, but something just doesn't seem right.

Exhibit A:
man, that's a strange looking spider

Exhibit B:
 look at that leg ... what kind of spider is this?

Exhibit 3:
 uh oh ... I just freaked out that badly for a cricket

yup ... that's right folks ... a cricket

"Mommy, did you kill the bug dead?"
"Yes, Leah ... I killed the bug dead ..."


  1. eww :::gag:::
    I freak out over all bugs, but jumping bugs really REALLY get to me.

  2. I freak out with bugs too don't feel bad!


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