Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas Runaround Wrap Post

yep ... something like that ...

Christmas Eve
Drove up to Tuscaloosa to attend Christmas eve at my in-law's church.  My father-in-law is the pastor of a small church there, but I wish I could actually listen to the sermon instead of trying to entertain a three and a one year old.  After church we went to my bil and sil's house for a quick round of presents, some cookies and family fun.

Christmas Eve 1
My little poof ball baby! She totally tore a huge hole in one of the ruffles at church and of course I didn't have any scissors so I literally ripped her dress so she wouldn't trip on it.  See the extra layer of ruffles around her butt, but not in her front?

Christmas Eve 3
I'm not drunk, I swear ... tired; probably, but not drink induced. Christmas time travel induced.
the long road

Christmas Eve 4
Leah and Audrey with their two cousins. If only all kids would look at the camera at the same time, and by all the kids; I mean mine.
The Paper Mama

We got home around midnight and I woke Leah up so she could put out milk and cookies.  She only wanted to give Santa one cookie!  I persuaded her into at least giving him two.  He's gotta be fat and happy, you know.

Christmas Day
I woke up before the kids!  I can imagine this trend will not continue much longer.  Santa totally scored with a blowup bouncy ball thingie (that had a small hole in it, so another way is coming down from the North Pole), a ball croquet set, and a huge outdoor playhouse!

Christmas 1

Christmas 2

Next we loaded the kids into the car to head towards my parents house for lunch and more presents.  We were blessed with a small Christmas miracle.

SNOW!!!!!!!  in Alabama!!!!!!  on Christmas!!!!!!
my first ever White Christmas!
Christmas 3

Now would you believe that I didn't get any pictures of the girls opening presents at my parents house?  I was enjoying the moment when I said, I should be taking pictures of this ... but then I decided not to go get my camera.  Instead I took mental pictures and enjoyed just being there.  Don't worry, other family members got pictures which I'm sure they will send to me ... in like six months or so.

Christmas 4

I'm glad the snow followed us to my parent's house, but it became too wet for us non-snow outfit owning Southerners to play in.  Instead while the girls napped, I persuaded Andrew to take a walk in the snow with me.  We acted like dating teenagers, chasing each other with snow balls and tackling each other onto the snowy ground.  It was amazing, wet, but a wonderful Christmas time!

oh, I did pull out my camera to take a picture of Audrey in the cutest hat evah!  love it!
Christmas 6

Day after Christmas
The day after Christmas needs a cool name too ... just saying ...  It snowed more!  (sorry my Yankee snowed-in friends, but we loved the snow down here!)  I won't bore you with words; so here's some pictures.  Can you guess which child liked the snow better than the other?

Snow Day bundle

Snow Day Leah

Picnik collage

Snow Day Audrey

Hope your Holidays were Merry ... from my Snow Angels to Yours!


  1. Looks like you had an incredible Christmas and the pictures prove it!

  2. Cute photos!! Looks like a wonderful photos.

  3. that was suppose to be looks like a wonderful CHRISTMAS!!

  4. Great pictures of a wonderful day!

  5. Great pictures I love the foot print one! plus I love your little girls name... ;)

  6. Hey, don't lump me in with all Southerners that "love" snow! ;) Glad you had a great Christmas, and equally glad that snow didn't stick around!!

  7. Your girls are adorable, and that's great you got to have a White Christmas, and white Day after Christmas too!! :)
    and sounds like a fun time with your husband, snow ball fights and tackles ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. How fun to have your first white Christmas!!! Great shots!

  9. Happy to see you got some snow for Christmas. And I know what you mean when you say you were enjoying the moment and didn't want to run for your camera. I did the same a few time in the past few days.

  10. O what a marvelous collection of smiling faces! They are all so beautiful! And you sound so excited about the snow!

  11. It's always so exciting when it snows down south! Great snow pics and cute little girls! Enjoyed your post!

  12. Great shots! I'm so... lovin' that little hat! Isn't it fun to see our little ones in such cute hats. If we could only get them to wear them forever! Haha...
    I'm a new follower for sure... :)

  13. these pictures are SO alive! :) great shots


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