Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Family needs to be on Facebook

About half of the people who read my title gasped in shock and horror that I would say that and the other half rolled their eyes, shook their heads and thought 'bless her heart ... she doesn't know what she's wishing.'

It's not like that people ...

I know that drama happens when family is all over the internet and somebody notices something about somebody else and they have to go tell another family member and before you know it half of the family isn't talking to the other and no one knows why ... they just know it has something to do with Facebook.

No, I don't wish my family was on facebook for that ...

I wish my whole family was on Facebook, so that I don't have to send out Christmas Cards.  Because I suck at it!!!

You know the saying something about a road being paved with good intentions?  Yeah, mine would be paved with unsent Christmas cards and thank you notes.

I don't know if it's the daunting task of figuring out a gazzilion people's addresses or actually ordering the cards / putting them in envelopes / putting on stamps / writing out the address and then somehow getting them into the mailbox at the end of the driveway.

I suck at sending out Christmas cards.

Today my Mom asked if I ordered our Christmas cards, and then urged me to do so because 'everyone would love to see you and your family'.

Well, my thought was 'if they were on Facebook, they would see plenty pictures of my family.'  I could even make a pretty Christmas card and tag all my family on it.

See how much easier that would be?  And I would be saving paper!  That's all cool and green and socially awesome ... right?

Can I convince my family to get onto to facebook just for Christmas card time?  Oh, and thank you notes (I suck at those even more than I do at sending out Christmas cards ...)

well ... I am sending out Christmas cards ... they may get to people around New Year's, but I'll just reply back with 'You wouldn't have to worry about that if you were on Facebook!"

p.s. want a card?  send my your addy:


  1. I was thinking that facebook has ruined Christmas cards for me...I've already seen everyone's pictures! :)

  2. you are hilarious! a lot of my family is on FB ... half don't have profile pictures yet, but they have a profile!

  3. I've got my Christmas card list pared down to the people we don't regularly see (and won't see on/very near to the holiday). I think right now my count is around 30...and since I don't have kids, any old cards are fine. So, obviously cheap-ass me gets next years cards the day after Christmas so I can afford the really cute ones!


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