Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Squirt

I've complained about a few things since I started working at my new job in Septmeber.

At first I was annoyed by the fact that I never knew when I was going to leave for the day.
Then there was my chair incident.  I was going to blog it, but really I needed a video camera to really understand it.  Pretty much someone stole my nice new awesome comfy chair and replaced it with a crappy not comfy at all chair ... and I threw a tatrum my three year old daughter would be proud of.

and then I won Employee of the Month ... hmmm ...

but today, something else was bugging me.

See ... my scale / computer / desk area is flush up against a wall ... a wall that on the other side is the Men's bathroom.

Boys go poopie in that potty ... and well it stinks.  So they have air freshner in there, and I don't know, maybe it's just the way guys think, but I swear the longer they are in the bathroom, the more of the air freshner they spray.

What ... I can't help but notice this stuff!

To say that the air freshner is strong is an understatment ...

It's like attack of the flowerly super sweet air freshner.  It envelopes me; tickling my nose and strangling my throat .. for reals!

So I went to go complain to my friend the secretary.  While I was talking to her, the assitant manager walked in and I thought, 'what the hell ... I'm just going to tell him about it.'

For about ten minutes there was an email taped to the door of the men's room telling them that "one squirt per dump (#2) is enough"

I laughed so hard I was crying in the lab.

Maybe it will come back and I can tell you what else was on it ...


  1. that is too funny... at least you got some help.. have a great day.

  2. My husbands old office had this same problem!

  3. OMGosh I am cracking up over here! This post should have come with a no sip warning, now I gotta find a towel ;)

  4. Ha! Hilarious! Gross that you have to deal with stinky poop and stinky spray!

  5. OMG I am cracking up and frightening my cats right now!! We have the same problem with the bathroom in our lab (which I refuse to use, btw)...but at least I don't have to sit *right* next to it!


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