Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas smiles

christmas 1

The Paper Mama

Just a little something to get you in the Christmas mood.

Do you send out photo Christmas cards or generic Christmas cards?

We send out photo cards! I love putting them together. This picture is an out-take from the one we are actually using.


  1. So cute! We always do photo cards too.

  2. I know that wall yall are standing in front of LOL

    I need to get my christmas cards together and sent out. I usually use the photos I take and upload them on a premade card

  3. I love that pic. We send out photo cards, in fact I need to go pick them up, oops

  4. Super cute! We always send out generic cards that I get for super-cheap the day after Christmas, because I'm cheap like that :) I have a great picture of Lexi that I keep intending to put on a card and send out though...maybe next year!

  5. photo cards from snapfish are the BOMB :) I send one out every year - usually taken from our summer vacation.


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