Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Employee of the Month

I got to work this morning all fussy because some stupid people forgot how to drive and hit each other in the middle of downtown rush hour traffic ... and made me late to work.  On my longer than normal commute, I brainstormed what to post about today because I have not really written a post in a while.  I was going to talk about expectations for jobs v. careers (and I probably will later), but all that changed when I walked into the secretary's office.

She was on facebook on her phone (I want a smartphone ...pout) reading my post from this morning.  It was something like 'I wonder if 'my 3 year old doesn't want me to go to work today' has ever been used as an excuse, and would it work?'.  We awwwwed over Leah's cute request, and then she looked at me and said something I would never expect.

"You're employee of the month."

"What?"  weird look from me ... "that's funny..."

"No, you're employee of the month."

"Yeah, ok, whatever.  Haha."

"No, I'm not kidding.  Have you seen the paper posted ... you are really the employee of the month."

So ... Hi from the new employee of the month ... coming to you from the coal lab (where the awesome employee of the month is blogging from work...)

Seriously though ... how on Earth did I get this award?

1.  I've only been here since September.
2.  I just do my job.

Sure, I work a lot of overtime ... because I get paid time and a half, and we need the money.
Sure, I work fast ... because the faster I work, the faster I can go home to my family.
Sure, I don't complian too loudly ... see above, that's just going to keep me here longer

Congratulations.  You're employee of the month.  For your reward you get an awkward meal with the managment team.

Ugh.  So, I think we are going to lunch tomorrow.  Me and the guys on the management team ... yup one girl being taken out to lunch by 4 guys.  One of the managers asked me where I wanted to go.  I don't really care, but I responded 'anywhere but Hooters' because that is one of their favorite places to go.

Could you imagine that?  I know I'm one of the guys, but I don't need to be that much of one of the guys.  But ... what should I wear?  I mean that for real ... I usually wear crappy clothes to work because they are going to get dirty.  I never wear make-up to work, but if we are going out to eat ... then I need to put some makeup on.

Ahhhh ...

I have decided this is a crappy reward.

I want a bonus check.
or a gift card to a resturant (so I can enjoy it with my husband).

ugh ... or ... can I pass my reward here:


  1. awww congrats lol!
    I hate Bham traffic, I have to come up there in a few weeks and i have to be at childrens hospital by 8am ... that drive is always tortuous with morning traffic!

  2. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! Congratulations!

  3. Ha! Congrats on the award but that does sound like a pretty lame prize. :)

  4. LMBO! Why did this remind me of a Spongebob episode?

    Ugh. Awkward lunch-thing with the boss. Is there anything worse? Ooh, how about awkward summer lake party and seeing your boss with no shirt on. YUCK.

    When I worked in Atlanta (very briefly) the partner I worked for and another attorney insisted on taking me to lunch for my birthday. I had only worked there a few months and I SO wanted to think up any excuse at all not to go. We did the whole 'where do you want to go?' 'oh, I don't care thing,' back and forth until they just decided to take me to their favorite Mexican place.

    Girl, they DOUBLED DIPPED in the cheese dip. GAH! The whole thing was so uncomfortable, I just wanted to crawl under the table and die. So, yeah, um... have fun with that. Just keep thinking blog fodder, blog fodder. Maybe that will help? ;)

  5. that is too funny, but congratulations anyway!


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