Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I need YOUR help

ok ... hang in here with me ... I have a dilema to ask you about, but I have to set up the back story first ...

Bama:  the secretary, my bff at work
BM:  boss man; yes I know what bm also stands for and yes I did it on purpose
PA:  boss man's personal assitant

At work there are 3 girls ... me, bama and pa.  The bathrooms at work are just a bathroom ... no stalls or anything crazy.  You know what I'm saying ... a one person bathroom.

Alright ... here goes.

It's a well known rumor that BM and PA are sleeping together.  Well, it's actually more than a rumor.  About a week before I got here, he brought her in through a temp service.  BM also told everyone about his 'hot new girl' and other guy stuff you would think to hear in a high school locker room.  Working here is like working a step above a construction site...  About 2 weeks after I started, BM's second wife left him and moved back to WV.

So about a week ago I realized that I needed some ahem stuff for a monthly guest.  There is a small plastic set of drawers, and I could see a plastic bag inside one of them.  I thought it might have something to help me out.  There wasn't.  Instead there was the trash from a pregnancy test.  Uh huh, you heard me ... a pregnancy test! used and gone from the box.  I did mention there are only 3 girl working here ... it wasn't mine, it wasn't Bama's ...

Today, back to the bathroom again and there is a "Clear Blue" wrapper sitting on the sink.  I have kids.  Bama has a kid.  PA even has a kid.  We know what the wrapper of a pregnancy test looks like, and there it was ... the second test in a week found in our bathroom.

Here's my dilema...

What do I do???????

Do I:
-pretend like I never saw anything and just watch a see what happens?
-pull PA aside and ask her if everything is alright

PA doesn't talk to me often, only when BM is out of town.  I'm no where near as close to her as I am with Bama (who isn't going to do anything). 

but there is this pull on my heart.  This tug.

What if I ignore it and miss an opportunity to help someone?
What if this is a way God is providing for me to share His love?
What if she really needs help?

I have always had a compassionate heart.  I have always wanted to help everyone that I could, but maybe I should just back up and stay out of someone else's buisness.

but ... there's that tug ...

What would YOU do?????

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  1. I say since the one was left on the sink I would talk to her.

  2. I would probably just ignore it. If you aren't close to her and she hasn't confided in you...maybe she is hoping that BM will see it instead?

  3. I wouldn't say anything unless approached about it. That's a tough situation given how small the office is, but I still, wouldn't say anything at this point.

  4. Holy crap. I would say the fact that she left it out in plain site is almost a cry for help? I would probably say something but I'm nosey like that. ;)

  5. Hmm...I think it depends on your relationship with PA. If you're strictly work acquaintances, I would hold off and see if she says anything. If you guys chat relatively often and on a more personal level, I might mention that you saw it and that you "have some great stuff you're not using anymore for the lucky lady" or something along those lines. Not saying flat out "I know you're preggers, you need any help with your love child?" will probably make her feel more comfortable, and you'll be able to gauge if she wants to share her woes.


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