Monday, December 6, 2010

Randoms on Monday Night

Late Monday post ... but it's still Monday, and better late than never (which is what happens to most of my Monday post ideas).

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one} No Left Turns

I don't turn left well when I'm driving.  I'm like the opposite of a Nascar driver.  In the fall of 2008 a few months after we moved to Nashville, I totaled my car making a left-hand turn out of the apartment complex.  The road before the turn out made a deep curve which caused me to not see the car when I looked.  So yeah ... it was quite emotional and scary ... and now I will take three right hand turns if it keeps me from turning left.

To get on the interstate I have to turn left.  This morning my uneasiness apparently angered the guy behind me because he turned left behind me while I sat there and waited.  Guess he was in a hurry.

{two} Less Snores

My hubby is in Atlanta right now at his first week of training for his new job.  I miss him.  I don't sleep as well without him in the bed with me, but I also don't wake up to loud snoring at 3am.  But I really do miss him.  I can't wait till he comes home on Friday!

{three}  Baby, It's Cold Outside

I have been a bit obsessed (is 'a bit' ever 'a bit' when it is followed by the word 'obsessed'?) with the new Nora Jone's album Featuring.

Take a listen'll thank me later!

{four}  Envy

I'm suffering from camera envy.  I love looking at everyone's pictures, but I am so quick to compare with my own.  'If I had a DSLR camera; I could take pictures like that.  I could experiment with a depth of focus like that.  I could be that good.' blah blah blah

I did ask for Photoshop Elements for Christmas so I can play with actions and textures and all that fun stuff.  I just feel a bit in a rut.  

Want some envy too?  Check out The Shutter Divas flickr page ... amazing!

{five} Blessed

but ... I am blessed.  Even if I want someone else's camera (don't look away for too long friends ... I might steal).  Even if I only have a point and shoot (granted it's a nicer one).  Even if the lens cover doesn't close all the way and the lens is often fuzzy (that's thanks to Audrey).

I can capture this incredibly cute picture as we got ready to cheer our Auburn Tigers onto an SEC Championship.  

The Paper MamaBlessed
How are you blessed tonight?


  1. I hate left turns, they scare me. You are very blessed! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

  2. I hate left turns too. I totaled my van almost a year ago. I was turning left at a green light and a lady ran her red light and slammed me in the side. I always am slow taking off at green lights now. Crazy how much that can affect you. Thanks for sharing that song.

  3. I have a DSLR and I still have picture/camera envy. I decided not to look at that Shutter Diva site as I'm already annoyed at my photos as it is!!! Loved reading your blog.

  4. I thought I was the only one that hated left turns! I've not been in an accident turning left, but that's only because if it's busy, or if I can't see, I will go right ;0)

    I am blessed with an amazing husband that loves me deeply ... enough even to overlook our daughter's horrible mess of a room because I can't put her new dressers together and he has been busy.

  5. Such a cutie pie! Great photo!


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