Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Photo Hunt

For the month of November the usually bi-monthly photo challenge split into two months with 10 items instead of 20.  I really like my pictures from this month, and I like the smaller number!  So, here ya go ...

1. Home Sweet Home
This is Vulcan.  He is famous to Birmingham, Al.  When I was growing up he had a light on his torch ... if it was green; there were no traffic fatalities that day, but if it was red; someone died in a traffic accident.  A bit morbid (probably partly why it's gone now), but it reminds me of my childhood and my 'home sweet home', and now I drive by it everyday to work.

2. Thankful
My Happiness
I am so very thankful for my girls.  They are my life, and I never imagined I could love anyone as much as I love them!  This picture captures them perfectly!

3. Family
So obviously I didn't take this picture (my wonderful mom took it), but it was with my camera and I edited that ... it counts, right?  oh well, I like it!  An edited version of the middle picture is also our Christmas card this year!

4. I Ate This
My baby turned 1!!!!  oh, and a word to the wise ... don't get pink icing on your smash cake, it will get on everything!
5. A Turkey
My hand became a turkey!  Leah helped me color the face ... by reaching over her picture she was coloring to scribble on mine, lol.  Then I asked her and Andrew what they are thankful for and wrote all around our turkey!

6. Something Hand-Made
These were our place markers at the Thanksgiving table at my parents' house.

7. Something Hot
something hot
Fire in the fireplace.  I could totally go for a fire right now ... I'm all wrapped up in a blanket.

8. Something Cold
Something Cold

9. Something Orange
something orange
This is Tank the kitty cat.  He was our landlord's cat, but she can't keep him inside b/c of her husband's dog, so Tank is living with us now!  She lives like 5 houses down, so it's nice to have my landlord close by.

10.  Anything Goes
anything goes
I really like this picture ... there's just something about it, and I think it fits perfectly in an anything goes category!

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  1. oh my goodness, that first picture is just amazing!

  2. they are all great the last one is my fave

  3. I love the first pic (though, yea, that is a bit morbid!!). And the thankful picture is so sweet! I also really really like the anything goes!

  4. Really great pictures! I love that anything goes too!

  5. I really love your pictures! My favorites are Something Hot and Anything Goes (that one is absolutely gorgeous)!

  6. I love the black and white shot of your girls. Precious!

  7. These are wonderful...all of them. I love your anything goes picture sooo much. I also love your home sweet home. I am a new follower!

  8. These are great. I really love your last photo. Great job!

  9. Great job this month! My faves are family, something hot, and anything goes.

  10. I like your photo hunt shots. And I love your blog design--puts the emphasis on your photos!


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