Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's the holiday season ... a time for seeing family and stressing out about how to fit seeing family when you only have two days off work.  Yeah ... My days are so messed up right now!  I had Thursday and Friday off, but then I worked Saturday, and I'm going into work today around noon.  Today is Sunday ... right?  Hope so because I have some fun pictures to share.

Black and White
This is our Christmas tree topper.  Friday night we put the Christmas tree up ... well, Leah and Andrew put stuff up ... I watched and took pictures, lol.  Leah really enjoyed putting the ornaments on and she loves our tree.  Yay for Christmas decorations!

I ate this
ate this
I am horrible at taking pictures of food ... I think it's because I'm distracted by the food.  We had lots and lots of yummy food at Thanksgiving and by the time I thought of taking a picture; it was all gone!  We did eat turkey (not these ... these live in the zoo, no worries), but I did eat turkey, lol.  Ok ... I thought it was funny.

These are my Papa's old film cameras.  There is so much history in these cameras.  My mom has them and she has tried to refurbish them, but maybe one day I can fix them and use them!  My Mema says I get my natural photography 'skills' from my Papa.  His favorite pictures to take were "making bees and ants look big on flowers" (from Mema).

Off Center
off center
We went to the zoo for Audrey's birthday last Saturday.  Leah really wanted to see the hippos, but they are doing consturction to the zoo and the hippo area was blocked off.  We did get to see the rhinos who have two horns; as Leah pointed out again and again.

The End
the end
Dinner after Thanksgiving was birthday cake for Audrey and my Dad (November birthdays).  This is 'the end' of her smash cake.  She loved it, as did everyone else ... and I got to clean her up ... woo hoo.

Oh and because I can't resist here are some more pictures of Audrey eating cake :-)
Picnik collage

I hope your Thanksgiving went well and you get to bring in the Christmas season well!


  1. Great photos. The old cameras are a treasure, and I love the off-center shot!

  2. Wow! What a treasure those cameras are! Love the 1st birthday cake. Good times!

  3. wow, cool pics. I love them and they are so artistic

  4. Such great work this week. I love your off center shot and I'm drooling over your historic shot. I want them!

  5. great pics.. and I think I owe you a congrats on AU winning the game ;)

  6. what a cute baby!
    and I love the turkey picture. and the historic photo. what a cool thing to have regardless of if they ever work again or not.

  7. Awesome pictures. I LOVE those old Nikon cameras. The rhino is super cool too. :) I'm a new follower, love your blog!

  8. Great photos. Love your off center photo.

  9. I'm jealous of your collection of camera gear! WOW! I love your vision through the lens! Nice job here!


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