Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rock my Face off and make my Ears ring

When was the last time you went to a rock concert?

I mean really go to a rock concert. 

No sitting down here.  Standing up so close to people you smell odors you didn't even know exsited; like how on earth are you smelling onion breath when nobody's talking to you.

I mean standing in the crowd and bouncing with everyone around; occasionally defending your space when the guy in front of you jumps backwards on your toe.

I mean screaming along with the band so loud you can barely talk afterwards, not that it matters anyway because you won't be able to hear for a few days.

Have you ever felt the adreneline rush after leaving a good concert?   you know the kind that makes you want to stop and tell every person about how awesome that concert was!

Have you ever looked around only to come to the conclussion that you are probably one of the oldest people up front, and probably the only parents?  Well ... I have amend that statment.  There was the one mom watching her older daughter, and she stayed for a bit after the band started, but she quickly hightailed back to the safety of the chairs once the jumping started.


I highly recommended it!!!!!

rock 1

rock 4

Andrew and I had a date night this past Saturday.

Some couples enjoy a nice dinner and perhaps a movie, and while that is nice sometimes it's fun not to be one of those couples.

So when all the movies looked boring and were thus put into the 'we can rent for $1 instead of paying $9.50 a person' catagory, Andrew discovered that one of our favorite Christian rock bands was playing at a local church.  And for 12.50 a person ... we were in! 

rock 2

rock 5

rock 6

So Saturday night we dropped the kids off to spend the night at my parents' house, watched the first quater of the Auburn game, and left to grab dinner.  By dinner ... we ate Zaxby's in the car on the way to the church while listening to the football game.  Perfect dinner, lol!

The concert was amazing ... Auburn kicked Ole Miss's booty ... and we even got to watch some of it on the t.v.'s in the lobby (this was a super nice church!)

rock 3

rock 9

rock 8

rock 7

So much fun!!!!  and I even have a few other blog posts in my mind that were inspired by this concert too!

Have you ever had a night spent with someone you loved that just emphasised the point that you are made for each other?  I have ... it was Saturday night!

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  1. Awesome photos and I love the senseless name of your blog; very creative:)! Thanks for linking up to Wordful Wednesday, hope to see you again next week!

  2. Great post - Would love to see Mercy Me in concert - but I do love Rock - First concert I ever went to was Queen - when I was in junior high.. okay - I just aged

    Love to you
    I've Become My Mother


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