Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween ... told from my camera

This year for Halloween, I would like to present:

Leah the Butterfly Princess 
or something like that

Halloween 1

Audrey the Tiger
we even practiced our RAWRRR and War Eagle!
ph_in disguise

This year we went a trunk or treatin'.  I didn't like it *insert pout here*.  It wasn't real Halloween where you go door to door and run down sidewalks to ring doorbells and yell 'trick or treat' while the people smile, laugh and hand you gobs of candy for your bag.

Instead we fought the major crowds of older kids who accidentally trampled over my petite three year old.  She shyly approached cars and hesitantly picked out one piece of candy.  Yup ... one.  No extra candy for mommy to taste :-(.

and I may have complained a bit

or I may have complained so much that Andrew told me if I didn't complain one more time we would for sure go house to house next year.

so ... I stopped complaining.  and then he promised me a bag of candy to taste.

and to focus on Leah having fun .... I think she had a good time:
Halloween 2

and what you ask did Audrey the Tiger do while we were going trunk to trunk?

She squished a Twix bar into a chocolatey mush:
Halloween 3

We tried to bounce on the '5 and under' bouncy castle...

except Leah quickly said 'it's too loud and too bouncy Mommy'
Halloween 4

So we walked down the road to the park!
Halloween 5

and the butterfly flew while swinging in the swings
Halloween 6
and sliding down the slide ... the tiger even flew too
Halloween 7
we drove the train and ran around and had a wonderful time!

even Mommy tried this flying stuff ...
Halloween 8

and even though the Trunk or Treat wasn't the Halloween of my childhood ... Leah still loved it

and even though I don't have gobs of candy to eat ... it's all half off now!

and on the ride home ... the kids fell asleep ... and stayed asleep for the rest of the night!
Halloween 9

Happy Halloween!
I hope your Halloween was full of more treats than tricks!

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  1. It looks like fun! Great pics. I am sorry it wasn't fun for you.

  2. Hi Christy!

    Glad to find your blog as well! (woohoo thanks SITS!)

    Love the photography and you know it was a good night when kids are asleep while still in costumes :)

    Glad to meet ya!

  3. Our ward decided not to have a Trunk or Treat and there was no door to door. Instead there was a Carnival and the little one's had to play games to get there candy, Well my nephew is 3 and my niece is 18 months, needless to say there wasn't extra candy for my sister either. We were really missing out Trunk or Treat, this working for candy bit was not fun, But the kids don't know the difference - so we also had to keep the complaining down to a minimum.

  4. They both look adorable - looks like you had a good Halloween!

  5. Sweet sleeping butterfly! and the swing shot of that butterfly is adorable too! ;)


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