Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Evening Coffee

Welcome over for a cup of coffee this evening!

ph_from the kitchen

Usually I don't drink coffee after dinner, but since you're coming over ... I made a pot just for us!

I normally drink coffee in the mornings, but since it's hard enough to drive while drinking a steaming hot cup of coffee ... I figured we should have our coffee date after work.

If you came over for coffee ...

We would have a seat on the couch, and I may confess that just yesterday it was covered in clothes.  That may also lead to me confessing how last week I let the clean laundry pile up and up and up figuring that I had a whole weekend to myself, so of course I would have time to fold some.  Yeah ... I didn't fold a piece of clothing all weekend long, lol!

I would share with you some things I have on my mind lately ...

shadow 1

Andrew is in the top two for a job he interviewed for!  I really really really hope he gets it.  Even if it does create the stress of having to figure out daycare and to get another car; we need this job.  It will make our life better, financially and more.  We will find out by Friday at the latest ... I hope it's sooner!

oh yeah ... and if he gets this job; he gets a free iPhone (jealous)


My dad (yes, he is juggling pumpkins at the pumpkin patch) ... well, he's traveling internationally right now.  I mean, I know he will be fine, but it's in my nature to worry.

He's going to Jordan and other war torn countries.

I'm also a bit jealous that he gets to spend the night in Dubai.  and this is his third trip to China.

It's all for business, so I'm sure he's going to be safe.  You know ... just if you wanted to say a prayer for him ... that'd be cool.  Thanks.

Cam Superman

oooooo ... now this topic makes my blood boil.

I just might have to put my coffee cup down on the table so I can use my hands to emphasize just how frustrated I am.

Cam Newton has had his name dragged through the mud in what can seem like nothing other than a smear campaign (quick side note b/c I know y'all don't all live in Alabama)  Cam is the quarterback for the #2 team in the nation .... my Auburn Tigers!  I believe in Auburn (and Cam) and LOVE IT!!!

Now that I've said that ... seriously what happened to the land of second chances?  Sure, he may have messed up in the past, but since he has been at Auburn he has changed.  He has overcome his past and become something better.  Is that not what we preach in America?  Learn from your mistakes and move on; make a better life of yourself.

Don't go smear someone and hold his mistakes from the past against him.

and leave my Superman alone!!!! yea!!!! :-D

So ... lastly before you leave ... let me tell you about my new Etsy shop.  I opened last night!  Right now it only has prints to purchase, but I hope to fill it with notecards, and magnets, and other fun stuff.  I really hope this catches on, and would love for you to take a look at it!

Leave me feedback ... tell me what you think.  That's what I thrive on ... even if I suck at taking constructive criticism ...

and just in case you can't head over there ... here's a sample:

Thanks for coming over for coffee!  I just realized I have gabbed for a long time ... so .... is there anything you would like to share over coffee?

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  1. I went by your Etsy shop, and I love the pictures you've got up! Seriously, I've looked at other stores with pictures in the past while browsing around (stores with many, many sales) and your pics are as good or better than theirs! I wish you luck :)

  2. Oh, forgot to mention in the last comment, join an Etsy team! It'll help you out!

  3. Good luck with your etsy shop! That's so exciting! I love all the flowers, so very beautiful!

    And good luck to him on his interview, very much luck!


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