Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's beginning to look ...

a lot like that time of year where you pull out the boxes marked 'Christmas' and start a transformation of decorations and presents and more.

looking 1
looking 2

It's also the time that you get together your annual Christmas card to share with all your friends and family.  This year, may I recommend you use Shutterfly for all your Christmas card needs!

The past two years I have used a ...drug store... for my Christmas cards, and they turned out nice.  I kept seeing many of my friends talking about Shutterfly, so of course since I am mildly obsessed with blogging and checking out everything someone else posts about ... I went over to Shutterfly.

I was amazed by their selection!!!!!!

They have hundreds of different card selections.  Flat cards, folded cards, cards with one picture, cards with 6 pictures, cards with 12 pictures, modern colors, classic colors, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays ... I was in Christmas card heaven!

It is so easy to use as well!  The instructions are simple to understand and you don't have to be a photo guru at all.  In addition to photo cards, they also have calendars, photo mugs, and you can even print your pictures with them.

Here are some of my favorite card selections from Shutterfly:

and finally ... the card we are using this year:

Where can you get into this action?  Well ... you can find the Christmas Card collection here; their facebook here and the wonderful photo site Shutterfly here.

and if you are a blogger; you can get 50 free cards by blogging about how much you love Shutterfly and it's easy to write about something this awesome!  Just sign up here.

Merry {it's time to get ready for} Christmas
i'll take the middle part out in December


  1. I love those pics of your daughter getting into the decorations!!

  2. I love those pics. The ones of her where all you can see is her bottom and legs are too cute!

  3. damn! I wish I had known about the sign up for 50 cards BEFORE I ordered my shutterfly creations.

    and BTW, the customer service is AMAZING! I ordered a set and they came very dark ... I could barely recognize my daughter's face - they refunded my money, no questions asked ... not a credit towards another purchase (which is all I'd hoped for) ... A FULL REFUND!

    my christmas was made

  4. Great idea! And the nice thing about these is that they are already signed!

    Visiting from SITS...


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