Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{Virtural Coffee} It's THE week

Grab a cup of coffee (with Amy at Lucky Number 13) and have a seat on the couch today as I turn down the radio in the background.  ok, I'm really at work, but I can pretend to be at home.  'Why is the radio on?,' you ask.  Well ...
to set the mood, because it is THE week

'Oh, you mean the 3 day work week?'

Yea, kinda.  That's awesome, and who doesn't love paid time off, but that's not the week I'm talking about.

'Oh, then of course you mean Thanksgiving; a wonderful holiday where you can gather together with the entire family and share a meal.'

Yeah, that's awesome and all.  Honestly, I do LOVE Thanksgiving, but that's still not what I'm talking about.

'What other week could it be?'


What?  Stop looking at me like I'm crazy.  You probably don't understand it (unless your Brandi) unless you are from Alabama or have ever lived in the state of Alabama, but this is the week that comes right behind Christmas week ... probably tied with Easter.

'What is the Iron Bowl?'

ok ... I'll pretend you didn't ask that, lol!  The Iron Bowl is the epic match-up of Auburn University vs (in-state rival) the University of Alabama.  When you rank rival match-ups the Auburn vs. Alabama game is one of the top!

In Alabama little kids are forced to choose a side, best friends become enimies for a day and pretty much one half of the state hates the other.  Only for a day ... then you have bragging rites for the next 364 days.  Even married couples who spend Thanksgiving loving each other will not speak if they pull for opposite teams.

Auburn Alabama House
(this is an actual house ... see the story here)

Hold on ... let me turn the radio up.  Right now the local sports station is playing a montage of all the great calls during the Iron Bowls of years past.  Gives me chills.

There have been streaks.  In the earilier part of this decade I had the wonderful opportunity of being in 4 of our 6 game winning streak over Alabama.  Right now ... Alabama has won the last 2. 

There is just something about enthusiatic sports annoucers.  I love it, love it, love it!!!!!

So ... around here, the Iron Bowl is a BIG thing.  And I am the only Auburn fan in my entire place of work ... which means I got alot of smack talking to do :-)

Hope you enjoyed your coffee and your very brief peek into the craziness that is football in the state of Alabama. 

Do you have any orignal sports traditions in your state?

oh, and if you want to watch it ... it's on this Friday at 1:30pm (central time) on CBS.  Just watch for the fans ... and if you really want to grasp the awesomeness ... listen to the radio at the same time!



  2. Oh, now that Brittney is a smart girl!

    Okay, so I went to the Auburn website (bleck) to check their standings... I haven't really kept up with them. However, *shocking* the website locked up my computer. They must have known I was a Bama fan. Anywho, I think Auburn is doing a smidge better than Bama this year, so I think it's only fair we win the Iron Bowl.

    ROLL. TIDE. ;)

  3. It's Paul Bunyan's AX for us. . .Wiconsin vs Minnesota each year. But, I don't think it is in the same caliber as the Iron Bowl!

    Enjoy the game!

  4. Orange and Blue.



    In Illinois, you either bleed orange and blue or you're "those other people". I married into a family that bleeds orange and blue. :)


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