Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Liking Black and White

I Like that the cold weather is keeping the bugs out of our house, and I like wearing sweatshirts to work in the morning.

I disLike Leah waking up at 6:30 these past two mornings; even beating me to my shower.  I disLike taking showers in the daylight and driving home in the darkness.  I disLike 'falling back' ... and now have joined the ranks of everybody else complaining about this!

I Like black and white pictures.  I don't know ... there's just something about them that seems to soothe the eyes and make me smile.



I Like figuring out how to make Tilt-Shift photos; especially when they are black and white!


I usually disLike taking pictures of myself ... but one of Ashley's scavenger photos is self, so I guess I Like experimenting with my timer.


I Like taking a moment to relax, smile and share a blessing with a friend; and by a friend -- I mean YOU!

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Happy Wednesday!  I hope you have a happy black and white day; filled with all the color you desire!

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  1. I love black and white pics- and these are gorgeous!

  2. thanks for stopping by for coffee yesterday!

    This was a very calm stop in my hectic morning. . .thanks!

  3. Love these shots...I especially love how you evoked drama through black and white. Well done.

  4. i added you to my blog! thanks for taking notice. i love the pictures :)

  5. Those were some MIGHTY trees and that was some entrance beyond those MIGHTY GATES: Awesome Pics.

  6. Love the last shot with the Irish Blessing!



  7. I also love black and white photography . . .it just brings a certain essence to the picture that color doesn't get. I love the picture of the leaves with the Irish blessing on it--gorgeous!!

  8. here from Wordish Wednesday (supermom) and just had to tell you how I love those b&w pictures...gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful BW! It's like they tell a story.

    Erika B

  10. love them. great shots. love the gate and the irish blessing. most of all--the one of you!

  11. Hey chica! I went over to some blog to vote for one of my friend's pics and I saw a pic that was wicked cool and then I realized it was you!!!

    These b/w's are awesome. I really love b/w as well. :)

  12. I have always loved the Irish Blessing... AND i have always loved you, big sissy! ;) pretty pictures!

  13. Your pictures are just beautiful and i love the perspective of the first one! Very cool!

  14. I like the way you misspelled the word color in your header. I like your photos! I dislike the day ending early too. I like your blog :) Great self photo!


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