Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{Virtual Coffee} Country Living

Good Tuesday Morning friends!  I'm joining in with Virtual Coffee this morning ... and I'm glad it's virtual because I'm sitting at work, and it's dirty here.  Coffee taste better without a spare bit of coal possibly floating around in it (which is why I drink coffee while I'm driving).

This morning I really want to share some pictures with you, because if we were really meeting for coffee I'd probably bug you to look at them anyway and then eagerly peer over your shoulder as you look at them, and probably start asking what you think before you can even think about what you think (so don't disappoint me ... leave a comment!).

These pictures are from my in-laws house.  They live about 20 minutes outside of Auburn ... in the middle of nowhere!

Country Living 1

If we were meeting for coffee; while you looked at my pictures I would confess to you that even though the country is absolutely beautiful, I could not live in the country.  Where they live only one cell phone provider has service (and it's not mine), they don't have internet or wireless ... and you can't even steal it from your neigbors because they are miles away.  The local channels don't come in on the t.v. and the closest grocery stores is 10 miles away.

Country Living 2

Of course ... you might confess that my description above sounds like your ideal life ... away from everyone doing your own thing in the country, and I know some people love that idea.  Well, that would lead to me confess that I don't.

Which might start a discussion of how odd uniquely me I am ...

Country Living 3

I'm like a glob of contradictions ...

I hate crowds, but I love being near people.
I hate traffic, but I wouldn't trade it for a drive home that includes dirt roads.

It's hard to place myself into the 'country girl or city girl' question. 
Country Living 4

So ... I'm making a new one.  If we were drinking coffee, I imagine it would be in my living room with my garden in the backyard, the street out my front window and houses just close enough.  I am a suburb girl for sure!
Country Living 5

and while the country is indeed beautiful, I'd rather visit and take pictures and hang the pictures around my house on a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood with sidewalks and kids running yard to yard.

Yes, I dream about my perfect suburban neighboorhood.

If we were having coffee ... I'd shut up and let you look at the pictures.
Country Living 6

Country Living 7

the picture below is entered into Simplicity's photo challenge: Daydream
Country living 8

Although ... I do confess, put a lake out my front door and I will move to the middle of nowhere for that!

Where do you fall?  Are you a city girl, country girl, or a suburb girl?

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  1. What a beautiful photo essay. I love to be able to get away to the country for a visit but I love my suburb life too. Of course I also do like city life. I guess I'm just indecisive!

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures!

    I think I'm like you, I love visiting the middle of nowhere, but I enjoy the burbs way too much to leave. my inlaws live out in the boonies - I can see every star in the sky at night, but I don't want to give up my long hot showers or my walks to the market so that I can rationalize the pint of ice cream I will eat on the walk back ;0)

    I'm a small city gal, no doubt about it.

  3. I love the tree picture. Thanks for reminding me of my home state Alabama. =D War Eagle by the way!

  4. The photos are gorgeous and for a slit second I might want to pack my bags and go there to live, but I dont' think I'm cut out for country living :) I'm a slave to my electronics! But it's nice to have the option of escaping to this haven whenever you're in the need of some R&R :)

    Thank you for sharing your breathtaking "Today" on the Communal Global site!

  5. I especially like the last three! Your cat was a good subject!

  6. Love your post and your pictures. I'm with you on the suburb girl thing. My in-laws have a farm too, and it is nice to visit, but I like getting back home where everything is convenient.

  7. That is so pretty.. I would love to be there with my hot coco.. Did you get a new blog? Have a great day..

  8. Beautiful photos. Love the cat. I'm with you...I like a little of both city and country.

  9. Those pictures are amazing.
    I totally understand the contradictions. I love quiet, but I'd hate to be in the middle of nothing.

  10. those are beautiful pictures! wow! one of my most favorite things to do is drive through the country on a pretty sunny day and take pictures and just drive. : ) i would love to live in the country with lots of land and trees and woods and space but it has to be a short drive to town!
    thanks for coffee!

  11. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, and I would've LOVED to buy a house in the country! Ken, on the other hand, demanded that we live no more than 15 minutes from a good movie theater :( So, we have a pseudo compromise with the park basically in the back yard.

  12. Beautiful photos! Hope you have a happy day.

  13. Love it!! Here from Sweet Shot!

  14. LOVE love love your photo for my photo challenge! what beautiful colors :)

  15. Gorgeous photos. Love the road photo.

  16. I am most definitely a country girl!!! Although I don't want to live so far out that I don't have internet. :) I love my internet. I loooooove the photo of the cat, although they are all gorgeous! :)


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