Monday, November 8, 2010

For the love of Rollercoasters

I love rollercoasters!!!  The 30 second thrill after hours waiting in line is so worth it.  I would ride a rollercoaster everyday of my life if I could.


There is one kind of rollercoaster that I hate ... the emotional kind.

Figures the one rollercoaster I want to get off of; I can't.  Often I feel as if I am riding my emotions throughout the day; the highs and the lows; the fast moments and the slow developing ones. 

So in a moment of emotional highs followed way too quickly with stressful lows ... I googled "Secrets to stress-ful living" like somehow the answers to everything are found on the internet.  Next ... I'll google "how to make money grow on trees".  I actually found an article that I could relate with, and I wanted to share them with you.

Because it's always a good time to try to de-stress a bit.

Because it's the holiday season and planning out which family to visit for which holiday always stresses me out ... and don't get me started on hosting ...

Because it's time to buy Christmas presents.

and just because

The article is 69 Secrets to a Stres-Free Life.  Obviously I'm not going to list them all right here; instead I'm going to break them up into 10's and look at them over the next 7 weeks.  That takes us all the way through to 2011!

I would love for you to join along with me as I try to focus on these secrets one week, one day at a time!

1.  Take 5 minute breaks regularly throughout your day.
2.  Use the words "Would you..." when asking for things.
3.  Take time for yourself on a regular basis.
4.  Arrive 10 minutes early for every work and personal appointment.
5.  Follow your spontaneous impulses.
6.  Understand your financial position accurately.
7.  Clear up things that you're putting up with.  (like unfinshed work, lingering fights, household chores)
8.  Try new activites once a month.
9.  Write in your jounal every day.
10.  Communicate your feelings using the statement "I feel..."

Next week I will share with you how I went about incorporating these principles into my life.  Was it good?  Was it bad?  Did I totally mess one up?  Did I love one, but hate another?

I'll also put up a linky too if you would like to join as well!

I hope you have a stress-less evening!

Do you have any stress-free hints or secrets that help you?


  1. Deep breaths. Lots of deep breaths for me.

  2. I don't have many tips, but I can tell you that what we do to avoid family drama is go with one family for Thanksgiving and the other for Christmas! Growing up, we only saw extended family at Christmastime, so one year we'd spend Christmas eve at one house/Christmas morning at the other and swap every other year!


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