Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beauty in the Dirty

ten on ten :: finding beauty in your everyday life

well, my everyday life consists of a lot of dirt.  I am a lab tech at a coal lab ... so coal comes in and comes to me to be tested.  There is a layer of coal on everything.  So ... today ... I found the beauty in the coal dirt.

hour 1

Clocking in ... the old fashion way with time cards and all

hour 2
This is the door that leads back into the prep room.  Don't worry ... I only have to wear the safety glasses in the lab.

hour 3
These are my moisture crucibles.  They are required in the moisture test ... weigh a gram of coal, put in oven for an hour, weigh back coal.  The end ... I never said it was mentally challenging work.

hour 4
This is another test ... ash.  This picture is SOOC ... the red tint you see ... yeah that's from a 750 degree oven.

hour 5a
Lunch time, and you get a two picture deal this hour!  This is the sky ... beautiful!  Sometimes you just have to get some coal-less fresh air.
hour 5b
Purell ... a stable in the break room (look how dirty the table is ... really ...)

hour 6
The pressure gauge on oxygen tank in the lab.

hour 7
See ... I have to wear safety glasses.  Don't I look thrilled?

hour 8
hehehe ... my way of making people smile!  The lab manager put up this cork board the other day, but has yet to put anything up on it.  So, I thought the poor little push pins would be happier if they made a smiley face.

hour 9
On the way home!  I got to leave at a decent time today so I didn't have to drive home in the dark!  yay for the little things in life.  That's the Birmingham skyline, lol.

hour 10
and finally ... the best part of the day .. spending time with my family!  and yes ... Audrey did eat the leaf after I took the picture ... don't worry ... I didn't let her swallow it.

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the sights I see daily.  I enjoyed sharing with you.  For more beauty-filled ten on ten's visit the ten on ten blog.
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What is your favorite part of the day?


  1. i love your pics! and your humor! your post shows exactly why love ten on ten: a simple day in the life. what seems ordinary, boring, monotonous, etc...can actually look different when it's photographed and given text. i was going through my pics tonight and two people thought my mailbox pic was silly and shouldn't include it! i went for it anyway b/c someday that won't be my mailbox. anyway, look! SOMEONE else liked it too! :) thanks!

  2. Love them all! You take great pics

  3. Love the pictures - you made your day at work look so interesting!

  4. Over from 10on10 .. what a great story your photos told. You really did find beauty in coal!!

  5. Just discovered this 10on10 thing and I must say, your contribution is magnificent! It brings back memories too! Yhe picture of your cute little daughter. I have about the same of my son, trying to eat a leaf in the park while I was taking his picture, about 15 years ago now! Oh, time flies! Enjoy the time while your daughter is still so small, they grow soooo fast, really!!! And the glasses, they are an item in our family too now, my son(yes, the one eating or trying to eat the leaf when little;-)) has to wear safety glasses when he works in the lab in school which is quite a lot. And then there's the blue sky, we NEED a blue sky here, there's only been grey skies lately, pouring rain, floods everywhere, a real disaster!
    Have a great week!!!

  6. btw, love the hearts on the roll of tissuepaper next to the handsoap!

  7. WOW! Work pix are never this interesting. Love your set!


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